Deciphering The Value Of Tandem Trailers

10x6 tandem trailer

A tandem axle trailer consists of a trailer unit fitted with two sets of axles to be placed consecutively within its structure; these additional tyres allow the trailers to bear the extra weight that might be loaded onto them. Moreover, these also allow the trailers to supply stability while zooming past highways with high loads on their back. Tandem trailers are also available in large scale sizes, such as a 10×5 or 10×6 tandem trailer, which boasts of a significant payload capacity, as a result ensuring that there is more than enough room to store your products. 

A 10×6 tandem trailer is a popular vehicular addition for farmers who own large acres of open land. These are typically optimised to transport heavy and oddly-shaped farming hardware and tools. Such trailers are curated using a heavy-duty whole checker plate design partnered with a seven-leaf roller rocker load sharing suspension; this equation further helps the towing process to enhance ease, with a spring rated at 2300kg capacity.

If one is considering purchasing a trailer, they are likely to choose between two varieties based on their need, i.e. single axle trailers or tandem, i.e. dual axle trailers. In such situations, it becomes necessary to choose between the two options.

A single axle trailer is curated with a single axle and a wheel attached to its rear ends. These are typically affixed onto the trailer with the springs or even directly onto the trailer bed. This is possible with the assistance of clamps or related support securing hardware. Let’s consider the value of these trailer types to understand which of them is more well-suited to match your needs. 

Benefits Offered By Tandem Trailers

  • A tandem trailer is typically made out of a more substantial and superior suspension capacity when compared to single axle varieties. 
  • Most tandem trailers can be loaded to total capacity, which helps limit their propensity to bounce while in transit. This also minimises its probability of swaying when the vehicle is on the move.
  • These display a safer environment than single axle trailers. And are capable of carrying a load that ranges from around 750 kg to 2300 kg. 
  • These are also fitted with the break due to legal requirements for its safety protocol. 
  • These tandem trailers are reliable and steady even in motion and are well-suited to keep one’s belongings safe and damage-free over more considerable distances. 
  • With these trailers, the possibility of experiencing a flat tyre is quite rare, and even if one is placed in such a situation replacing these, even without a jack, is exceptionally straightforward. 

Benefits Offered By Single Axle Trailers

  • These trailers are well suited to carry out a lighter weight load when it comes to towing across short distances. 
  • Single axle trailers are a lower body weight that ensures that they are more economical to tow.
  • These tend to cost less when compared to other trailer varieties in the same ballpark.
  • A single axle trailer is also easier to maneuver or manage, even when juxtaposed to a double axle trailer of identical size.
  • The same goes for parking advantage; parking in a tight spot is made easier with these.
  • Considering that these have fewer sets of tyres, bearings or brakes, the component that might require maintenance or replacements is also reduced.

The following was a comparison between tandem and single axle trailers for understanding and guidance points to choose the right one. If it’s a tandem, you need to give the sizes a thought. Do you want a 10×5 or 10×6 tandem trailer, or is the single axle trailer the right choice to meet your needs? Consider the pointers mentioned above and make an informed decision.