6 Mistakes We Do While Using Cooking Appliances

What if we told you that you have been using your kitchen appliances wrong? Don’t believe us? Read on to know some of the most common mistakes most people make while using cooking appliances in the kitchen:

1. You never change your toaster’s settings: You should always set your toaster based on the type of bread that you are toasting. White and sweetbreads heat quickly, while rye bread which comparatively heavier takes more time to heat up. If the slices are less fresh, then they might need lower heat and sometimes, slices from the same loaf might require different settings after you have kept it for a few days.

2. You close the oven door while broiling: If you leave the door of your oven closed when broiling, then the heat can build up which is not what you want. You need to vent the steam so that your food develops the crustiness that you desire, and letting the hot air outside during broiling ensures that the heat is concentrated on the top instead of baking the entire dish.

3. You use your blender and your food processor interchangeably: The difference between a blender and a food processor is that a blender has rather dull blades but powerful motors while a food processor has sharp blades but weak motors. You should never use the two interchangeably since blenders are designed for anything that needs to be super smooth such as smoothies, milkshakes, and creamy soups. But food processors are for hard food items such as garlic, nuts, and recipes with a chunk texture such as pesto.

4. You don’t organize your plates in the dishwasher correctly: A recent study conducted by the University of Birmingham found out that the best spot in your dishwasher depends on the level of mess on your plate. The detergent concentration is the highest at the edges making it most effective for protein-based mess such as eggs which take more time to soak. The middle part of the dishwasher gets the strongest spay of water, making it best for carb-based stains such as tomatoes and potatoes.

5. You put square containers in your microwave: Typically what happens when you use square or rectangular containers in a microwave is that the corners of the dish attract more energy than the others, leaving the food in these areas overcooked. A circular container will allow food to heat more uniformly.

6. You toss your ingredients into your blender in any order: The order of the ingredients you put into your blender makes a huge difference. You should always start with a liquid base, then layer the ingredients from the smallest to the largest and keep the tough pieces such as ice at the top. The liquids will ensure that the blades run smoothly without stalling the blender every few minutes.

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