6 Tips For Managing Your Small Bathroom Renovations

Best bathroom renovations in lane cove

When it comes to small bathroom renovations in Lane cove, don’t let a lack of space stop you from achieving your goals. No, you won’t be able to add a massive tub, but you can make the most of the area and update the look. Making the most of what you have when renovating a small bathroom is critical. 

It can be challenging to work around complex layouts and limited fixtures. Whether you have a cluttered guest bathroom or a small bathroom in an older home, the goal is to figure out the best bathroom layout that makes the most of every square inch. Everything you need to know about small bathroom renovations in Lane cove.

Here are six bathroom remodelling ideas to help you turn a cramped bathroom into a welcoming and functional space.

  1. The Door Should Be Hidden

Switch to a sliding door in your small bathroom to avoid the “small bathroom shuffle” of navigating around an open door. Pocket doors tuck into the wall, making space for bathroom fixtures to be moved closer to the entrance. Barn doors save space while also adding a rustic touch during a bathroom renovation in Lane cove.

  1. The shower and tub can be combined.

Many bathroom renovations opt to remove the tub entirely, but if you prefer the convenience of a quick shower or a relaxing soak, simply combine the two fixtures into one! Leave it open or cover it with glass. That cramped shower stall is now available for use!

  1. Utilise Storage in Novel Ways

Small bathrooms can quickly fill up with towels and accessories, but you can make the most of your storage with creative planning and reorganisation. Use the space above mirrors, toilets, or a cabinet to your advantage. 

Add custom drawers to your cabinets for hassle-free product access. Outlets can be tucked away to free up counter space.

  1. Float The Bathroom Floor 

When you are thinking about bathroom renovation in Lane cove, It only takes a little lifting to open up a bathroom, giving you more visual space and room to improvise. Floating vanities have a cleaner appearance and more lighting options. Alternatively, replace your vanity with a rustic basin sink appropriate for the space. 

Wall-mounted toilets eliminate the need for a large tank, freeing up valuable space. The bonus of freeing up all this floor space is being able to show off your new flooring!

  1. Bring Your Bathroom Together

Style comes from matching and coordinating, just like any other outfit. You’ll achieve a visual simplicity that is easy on the eyes and eliminate any clutter by choosing a colour palette and matching fixtures.

  1. Find Your Point of Light

Bathroom lighting complements your bathroom renovation design elements and adds elegance and functionality to even the tiniest spaces. Consider adding different, purposeful lights to an area where a single overhead light can make it feel flat and harsh. 

Task lighting behind mirrors will provide even lighting across your face while burning beneath a floating vanity will provide a soft glow effortless on the eyes. By replacing walls and shower enclosures with glass, you can let more light while visually expanding the space.