7 Bathroom Tile Designs You Can Consider

Previously, tiles for bathroom decor served only one purpose: to protect your walls from dampness and other water damage. Aesthetics and cosmetic appeal received very little attention. Designer bathroom tiles, mirrors, and cabinets, on the other hand, have evolved beyond their basic qualities to become a statement based on their design, shape, colour, and texture. 

So, whether you want to give your bathroom a spa-like feel or prefer something more dramatic for your powder room to amp up your bath space, you can experiment with some of the following designer bathroom tiles that suit your style. After all, a bathroom is a room in and of itself.

1. Designs For Graphic Tiles

You can go for intricate designs in subtle hues to reflect the thinker in you or go for strong, contrasting colours and graphic patterns to bring out your enthusiastic nature. In recent years, graphic designs for designer bathroom tiles have gained a lot of traction.

2. Floors With A Matte Finish

The acceptance of a matte finish in designer bathroom tiles is increasing day by day. Their softer appearance and diverse textures can convey an aura of understated sophistication. They are also incredibly useful and simple to maintain, as they do not exhibit water smudges as clearly as their glossier counterparts.

3. Whites And Greys Are Always In Style

Neutral colours are the safest choice for a more sophisticated, contemporary taste. Bright colours in restrooms are not typical, and people quickly tire of them. For designer bathroom tiles, muted neutrals such as grey and cream are seen as a better choice. Because the fundamental goal of a bathroom is to let you relax, these colours serve to reinforce that feeling.

4. Wooden Bathroom Tiles

While marble has long been a popular choice for interior and bathroom design, timber interiors are growing more fashionable. Because moisture quickly damages a wooden surface, one would wonder if wood for the bathroom is a viable option.

As a result, realistic wood-grained tiles are gaining tremendous traction. For a magnificent opulent impression, wooden bathroom tiles are available in many colours of wood.

5. Textured Tiles

For a subtle or noticeable effect, textures in designer bathroom tiles assist give variation and colour depth. These textures may give a room a unique look and provide unlimited possibilities. Also, textured bathroom tile patterns have been quite popular for a long time. 

6. Metallic Finish Tiles 

Metallic tiles are the newest bathroom trend. These tile options give your bathroom a modern facelift. A minimalistic, modern bathroom, on the other hand, necessitates smooth, clean lines that create a relaxing atmosphere. While selecting bathroom tiles for floors and walls might be time-consuming, it is important to select something that reflects one’s personality.

7. Natural Marble Design 

Natural features are always attractive in any room of the house, including the bathroom. Marble work in the shape of tiles is making a comeback. Marble is a classic material that is particularly popular in bathrooms. You can imagine designer bathroom tiles inspired by natural marble, but one that goes above and beyond the muse’s expectations. It provides functionality unlike any other in all of its royalty and grace.