7 Tips To Protect Wood Flooring From Furniture Scratches.

There are a few things to keep in mind, like how to keep your floors clean, how to prevent pet damage, and most importantly, how to keep your floors away from furniture scratches! But how do you make sure everything goes altogether without causing any damage to your beautiful flooring Mosman? Well, let’s take a look at all the tips and tricks because protecting your wood floors is worth it!

  1. Use an Area Rug: One great way to protect your hardwood flooring Mosman is to use an area rug. You can place all the furniture on top of the area rug to prevent scratches and extend the lifetime value of your flooring. Do some extra work. Add a rug pad underneath your rug for extra protection on your new hardwood flooring Mosman! This will avert slipping and sliding of furniture and yellowing of floors. 
  2. Furniture Pads: The most commonly used form of protection for your furniture legs is felt furniture pads. These small things are lifesavers. Usually, one side is felt, and the other side is adhesive. Stick the adhesive side right on the ends of your furniture to provide a buffer between your floors and any sharp edges and the floors.
  3.  Velcro Pads: If you have any Velcro around the house, you can use the soft side as an effective furniture pad. This will also help you to move your furniture around with ease without causing any dents, dings, or scratches on the floor.
  4. Leather Scraps: Leather is soft and durable and soft, which makes it the best option for furniture pads. The material is also very stylish and will blend with your furniture a lot better than a bright yellow tennis ball. 
  5. Towels: If you are waiting for your furniture pads to arrive through the mail, feel free to grab some old towels and wrap them around the ends of your furniture. Towels will do the task in an emergency. So if you want to rearrange a room in your house while protecting your hardwood flooring Mosman surface, grab towels and get moving!
  6. Furniture with Wheels: Buying cabinets or TV sets or cabinets with wheels is also an option! Furniture with wheels makes it simpler to rearrange and redecorate without the worry of scrapes or scratches.  
  7. Furniture Casters: Speaking of wheels, do you know about furniture casters? There are four different types of wheels that you can buy for your furniture, and it is crucial to choose the right option for your hardwood flooring Mosman.


When you invest in hardwood floors, you invest in the long-term worth of your home. New flooring can provide a beautiful aesthetic in your house and make you want to redecorate and move around furniture. It’s also important to be careful when moving things around so that you don’t dent or scratch your floors. These tips will help prepare you for keeping your new hardwood floors scratch-free!