A Complete Guide To Know About Concrete Water Leak Repair

Concrete roof leakage is common as the concrete surface is more prone to cracking, scaling, crazing, spalling, or many problems due to various wear and tear it is exposed to. The issue keeps on coming when the concrete is permeable and porous, that finally results in concrete roof leakage. These may be due to construction or poor quality concrete or any other severe structural damage. This article takes you through the process you must follow for concrete water leak repair

Step 1: Roof Inspection: Concrete roof leaks can be caused due to various factors. It’s necessary to know the cause of leakage and start with the concrete water leak repair to prevent further issues. Roof inspection here includes:

  • Looking for ponding water
  • Inspection of plumbing lines
  • Check sides of the building roofs, drainage pipes, corners, etc
  • Cracks in the concrete surface

Step 2: Call a Professional: Concrete roof being one of the crucial parts of any building structure, it is always suggested to contact a professional who has expertise in checking the main cause behind the leakages. You can surely do your homework on finding the roof leakage problems. But when it comes to investigating in detail or a more complicated situation, you cannot figure out the issue and take it lightly. In such cases, professional advice is the best choice for concrete water leak repair. 

Step 3: Repairing the Leaks: Once all the internal causes of leaks like issues with plumbing lines or drainage issues are pointed out, it needs to be fixed first. After it, the porous or cracked concrete roof must be repaired. Before performing any process, the entire roof surface must be properly cleaned using a pressure washer. Several methods can be employed to repair cracks in concrete roofs. You can follow any method in accordance with your choice and convenience. 

Step 4: Waterproofing: There are many methods to waterproof the roof surface. All concrete water leak repairs must be concluded with waterproofing on the entire roof surface, regardless of where the leaks are found. Concrete roof waterproofing processes include:

  • Application of elastomeric sealant
  • Application of Bituminous or coal tar layer
  • Setting in water seal joints to waterproof marble slabs and tiles
  • Applying waterproofing layers or membranes

Step 5: Maintenance: Finally, you not only need to stop concrete leakage, but also prevent it from happening again and again. This can be only done by regular and proper roof maintenance. A scheduled agenda will help you keep your roof perfect. It’s also advisable for a commercial roofing partner to study and monitor concrete roofing structures that can bring solutions to all concrete roof leakage problems.


A concrete roof is an important and massive structure of a building, it is not advised to perform any concrete water leak repair activity on it as a DIY project. But you can surely conduct it under the consent and supervision of a roofing specialist. Ensure to be safe while doing so, as professionals have a license, equipment and skill set to operate, work and perform the task in a much easier and excellent way.