A Guide To Fire Rated Windows

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Fire-rated windows have specialized glass that has been proven to provide period protection against fire. It can minimize the spread of fire, hot flames, and smoke by containing them. Fire-rated windows manufactured in Melbourne undergo various treatments and tests before it passes the fire rating. The degree of protection offered by these windows depends on the type of glass. But, to some extent, all fire-rated glass acts as a barrier to prevent the spread of flames and smoke.

The essential feature of fire rated windows in Melbourne is the ability to prevent the spread of fire throughout the building. Also, certain types of fire-rated windows provide resistance against the heat of a fire. Therefore, fire-rated windows are crucial components of building safety and building regulations.


There are three classifications available for fire-rated windows:

  • Integrity (E)
  • Radiation control (EW)
  • Insulation (EI)

Fire-resistant glazing systems offer passive fire protection, meaning they have a fire property that does not extinguish the fire.

A fire-resistant glazed system comprises a frame, glazing, and glass and fixing method. All the elements must be designed, specified, and installed to meet the required performance.

Ensure that the fire-rated windows are fully LPCM certified so that you have complete assurance of the quality and fit of the product for purpose in the event of a fire. Melbourne has several trusted manufacturers to supply and install a full range of fire-rated solutions, from external windows and doors and internal windows, doors, and partitions. These requirements are crucial to ensure that fire is contained within the space and eliminate the spread of smoke and flames.

The partitions separating compartments or rooms must achieve specific periods of fire rating.


Fire-rated windows can provide varying levels of protection.

The level of protection is determined depending on several factors, including building type, the number of people, and escape routes.

A prime test of a fire window is by exposing the window to constant heat to see how long it can withstand it. The rates can vary between 30, 60, 90, and 120 minutes. Fire-rated windows available in Melbourne are rated up to 120 minutes for integrity and insulation, thus providing a maximum amount of protection. 


Fire-rated windows are produced from steel profiles that are welded to create rigid, joint-free construction. They are available in carbon steel and stainless steel with a variety of configurations and glass sizes. While most glazed windows are fixed lights, manufacturers from Melbourne provide fire-rated windows with opening lights where required, utilizing narrow profiles.


When buying a fire-rated window system, one should consider

  • Aesthetic preference
  • Frame type and finish
  • Fixing details
  • Acoustic or thermal performance
  • Fire-resistance performance criteria integrity and insulation 30 / 60 / 90 / 120 minutes
  • Internal or external application
  • Safety and security requirements


Applications that require fire-resistant windows are both commercial and residential, including

  • Petrochemical sites
  • Factories
  • Transport hubs
  • Military sites
  • Offshore facilities
  • Hospitals
  • Public areas

Melbourne produces fire-rated windows that are suitable for high-risk areas.