Applying Metallic Paint On Your Walls – What Residential House Painters Want Homeowners To Know

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Planning to add some extra sparkle to your home by applying metallic paint? This faux finish, when painted on walls, provides long-lasting results. Metallic paints are created using a mixture of metal powders. These powders provide extra glow and gloss on the surfaces. Metallic finishing is typically used on interior walls, doors, and ceilings. But, they can also be used on exterior surfaces as they’re extremely resilient.

However, unlike standard paint jobs, residential house painters have to take a lot of precautions while working with metallic paints for walls. There are some special application techniques that need to be followed to get the best look. There are also some health-related concerns that homeowners need to be aware of before they invest in metallic paints. 

Addressing the potential issues with using Metallic Paint

Metallic paint consists of mica and various other chemicals. So, handling these paints on your own isn’t something that experienced residential house painters would suggest. Instead, homeowners must hand over all application duties to the experts.

  • Careful Application – Expert residential house painters will carefully prepare the surfaces before the paint job. Metallic paint is typically much thicker than traditional paints, so they need to be applied very carefully. 
  • Using the Right Techniques and Tools – The residential house painters use specific tools and paint techniques while applying metallic paint to avoid cracks, stripes, or blemishes. 
  • Interior Décor Concerns – Metallic paint is available in an extensive range of bright and shiny colours. These high-sheen colours (gold, silver, bronze, etc.) can radically transform a room’s appearance. So, homeowners must consult with interior décor experts before using metal paints. 

These are some potential downsides of using metallic paint. But, the advantages of using metallic paint for walls outnumber the potential disadvantages. 

Using Metallic Paint – The Clear Advantages 

  • Diverse – Metallic paint can be used on various types of surfaces. It is compatible with most materials (cement, metals, wood, etc.). Ask your residential house painters to get specific types of metallic paint depending on the surfaces you’re getting painted. 
  • Long-Lasting Shine – The shiny look of metallic finishes attracts many homeowners to this paint. Metallic paint can add extra doses of brightness and shine to pretty much all types of materials. The metal flakes inside metallic paints are specially composed to add extra-glow on different types of surfaces. Bear in mind – the shinier your metallic paint, the higher its costs. 
  • Intense Colours – Metallic paints are available in various types of intense colours. These colours can radically transform an average-looking home into an art gallery. In the past, professional painters used metallic paints to make their work look shinier and more appealing. Homeowners can now do the same by using metallic paints composed of complex chemicals.
  • Indoor and Outdoor Use – Metallic paint performs well both in outdoor and indoor settings. Even though outdoor walls face weather-related damages, high-quality metallic paints are extremely resilient and can fight against all types of adverse external damages. 

Partner with high-quality residential house painters now and add a metallic shine to your home!