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We value your high-quality writing and content. is the best platform for budding publishers and writers who are into content writing. We promote the writings of individuals who wish to share accurate and authentic information on the internet world. If you wish your articles get approved and published on, we request you to follow our guidelines.

Article contents:

The article’s content is a very important part. Ensure to read the guidelines and follow when you are submitting them on our website.

  • The article should be drafted in English.
  • It should not be copied or from another website. It should be unique. You should hold the publishing rights. If you are submitting for your employer or contractor or a ghostwriter, you have to add the original writer’s name when publishing the article. 
  • We do not approve articles that have advertisements, self-promotion or promotional contents. 
  • We do not publish articles that are obtained in bulk quantity and later submit to other websites. It is necessary to check that you have all the rights for the article you are publishing. If you violate the rule, there are chances to ban completely from the website. 
  • We do not permit advertising illegal products like replicas, ammunition, weapons, beer, wine, alcohol, cannabis, marijuana, tobacco, steroid use, illicit drugs, sales of prescription, etc. 
  • We do not permit negative marketing or writing articles against another company or competitor.

Article Title:

  • The title can be a maximum of 100 words in length.
  • It should not be written in CAPS format. There should not be any quotes in the title.
  • The title should not have a URL, author name or HTML tag.
  • Do not add keywords in your title. It should not be stuffed with many keywords.
  • The title should not contain any names of recommended drugs. 
  • The title should have two different words that are at least more than a single word. 
  • The title should not be ended with a period.
  • The article should be written according to the title. We do not permit to publish irrelevant articles.

Article Body Guidelines:

  • There should be a minimum of 400 words in the article’s body. The maximum word count for the article’s body is 4000 words. 
  • The body part should deliver contents according to the title. If in case, this rule is violated, the article will not be published.
  • The body should have the author’s name and title.
  • It should not be written using capital letters. 
  • We do not approve articles with URLs in the first paragraph or line of the article. 
  • We do not approve articles that have contact details in the body part. It can be added to the author’s details or signature part. 
  • It should be appropriately formatted between words. It is necessary to use proper line breaks in the article. Do not add double space while writing the contents. Numbering and bullets should be used in the right manner. If the article has these errors, we will reject the article. 
  • We do not permit videos or images in the body part.
  • It should not have hard breaks. Remember, hard breaks should be utilized at the paragraph’s end.
  • We permit a do-follow link that is 1 link per post. 
  • Ensure to proofread and edit content before submitting it.
  • We do not allow the same hyperlink repeated in the article. One hyperlink can be used only once in the content. 

Article Summary

  • It is mandatory to include the article summary of 2-3 sentences. It should be within 300 characters. When you are submitting, ensure that it does not contain any broken words. 
  • We do not publish an article that contains an irrelevant summary.
  • We do not publish personal information, email addresses, author details, HTML tags or URLs in the summary part. 
  • Remember, the summary should go well with the article. 
  • We do not allow authors to promote or showcase himself or herself in the summary.

Article Keywords

  • The keywords should be detached by a single space and a single comma. 
  • The keywords used in the article should be relevant to the topic. 
  • Articles that have irrelevant keywords will not be approved. 
  • Ensure to use optimized keywords in the article. 
  • We allow using only 2 keywords per article. The keyword can be approximately 3 – 60 characters.  s