Which Are The Best And Classic Premium Quality Bathroom Floor Tiles?

Find out for yourself about various flooring materials that are practically feasible and upgrade your bathroom’s look and vibe.

While picking classic bathroom floor tiles, factors like appearance, strength and cost need to be mulled. Also, the bathroom floor tiles should be water-resistant, anti-skid and simple to maintain to prohibit bacteria, germs and mould. Here are six prominent tile choices and avenues for the bathroom flooring.

 Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles

These are the most famous classic bathroom floor tiles materials that can be utilised for bathroom flooring. They are affordable, moderate, long-lasting, durable, scratch-resistant, maintenance-free and non-permeable in nature. Another promising leverage is that these tiles are available in an assortment of colours, shadings, surfaces, textures, shapes, finishes and designs as well as plans. Both ceramic and porcelain tiles are composed of clay. Yet, the primary distinction is that porcelain tiles are made with finer clay and are exposed to a higher temperature and pressure. This process refines the porcelain tiles denser, stronger and more preferable option and avenue than ceramic tiles. These floor tiles are also available as germ-free tiles accompanying an antimicrobial glaze to hinder germs and different pathogens.

 Natural Stone

Give a classic look to your bathroom floor tile with natural stone materials like limestone, slate and travertine. Natural stone is solid, tough, strong and durable. It features appealing grain designs and patterns that make it aesthetically stylish and pleasant. These tile materials are found in the form of stone slabs which are refined through machine-cut into rectangular and square tiles. The principal downside of utilising natural stone tiles is that they are costly, require intermittent cleaning, polishing and sealing given their exceptionally permeable nature. Try not to utilise natural stone materials like polished marble or granite for the flooring. It gets elusive and slippery when wet.

 Terracotta Tiles

Give a warm, earthy and natural rustic look to your classic bathroom floor tiles with terracotta tiles that come in red and orange shades. These are locally produced using red or brown coloured clay dried and fired at high kiln temperatures. Terracotta tiles are exceptionally permeable and should be sealed consistently to prevent staining and moisture ingestion and absorption. Since these bathroom floor tiles are high-quality materials which are handmade, there possibly may be a slight shading and colour variation and variety in each tile.

 Glass Tiles

These give a rich, luxurious and extensive and extravagant spacious look to the classic bathroom floor tiles. They have a radiant and luminous surface that mirrors a ton of light. It is recommended to go for a textured and finished glass as it shapes an anti-skid surface. The flooring doesn’t get elusive and slippery when wet. Glass tiles are water-resistant, stain-resistant, low in support as well as maintenance and repress the growth of mould and mildew.

Mosaic Tiles

These classic bathroom floor tiles are small in size, measured, and made in materials like glass, ceramic, and natural stone. The most amazing aspect of mosaic tiles is that they can be blended and coordinated to make lovely flooring and wall patterns and designs. Note that the various grout lines made during the installation of mosaic tiles develop an anti-skid floor surface.

Cement Tiles

Cement tiles are handcrafted and are otherwise called encaustic cement tiles. These tiles are strong, durable, solid, and have a naturally harsh surface, making them slip-proof, they are also available in striking bold colours and tones, modern patterns and traditional and customary motifs that grant an ethnic look to the bathroom embedded with bathroom floor tiles. One cropping drawback is that they are profoundly permeable and should be sealed consistently.