Find How Having Concrete Stencils Can Completely Redefine And Upscale Your Driveway And Patio!

Wanting to renovate your driveway but have a tight budget? Going with the Concrete Stencils would be the best way forward. They make your pale-looking driveways, patio or decks get a fresh and vibrant look. They will not only lighten up the area but also complement other colors around your home including roof tiles, brickwork, or even your garden. They apply charm and have their personality added, making people envious of your property with unique designs and patterns.

What is the process to lay the Concrete stencil?

  • Measure the area needed to be covered with the concrete stencil to determine the number of pieces needed to cover the surface.
  • Cut the stencil from the roll to place it quickly once the concrete is poured.
  • Make sure the edges are sealed and then fresh concrete is poured in.
  • Ensure that concrete is spread evenly and has reached all the corners.
  • Use a tape to find the center marking and then place the stencil from the center, moving towards the edges.
  • Use a stencil roller to fix the stencil on the concrete creating the pattern.
  • Use a color hardener to cover the exposed concrete and apply the coating as per the instructions. 
  • Remove the stencil once you feel the concrete is dry enough so that it does not stick to the surface.
  • Rinse the surface to remove any wet concrete and use a broom or a brush to remove the fine debris.
  • Finally, put the sealer coating over the concrete surface as per instructions. This helps increase the life of your concrete surface and provides wearing protection.

The added advantages of having concrete stencils-

  • Adding value to your property- A driveway can create the first impression for any buyer and having them beautifully designed with concrete stencils will certainly help improve your household value.
  • Having a variety of patterns- Stencils can be made from a variety of patterns available or one can also create his/her own unique pattern to add their own style and personality.
  • Having a huge color palette- As pigments can be easily added with concrete they can be coloured as per our own requirement.
  • No worries for weed growth- As concrete is used as a base you will never have to worry about mowing!
  • They never sink- Unlike paver blocks, having your driveway made from a concrete stencil will never sink.
  • Low maintenance- As these designs are directly imprinted, they are easy to wash and clean for any dirt or oil stains.
  • High Durability- As they are made from concrete they are highly durable, the colors fade less and with help of concrete sealers, they stay put for a longer duration.

Some of the most widely used concrete stencil patterns include:

  • Cobblestone
  • Basketweave
  • Sydneystone
  • European Fan
  • Natural bush rock.
  • Crorock
  • Bedrock
  • Herringbone
  • Compass Circle
  • Cobble Rosette to name a few.

Get your driveways, garden, or patio transformed from plain-old to something vibrant and unique with help of concrete stencils! One can do it oneself as all the required materials are easily available in the market but for best results contact your nearest service providers as most will be happy to provide you with free quotes as per your requirements for decorative concrete. Compare them and choose the one that provides the best value.