Getting Root Canal Treatment at a Dental Clinic in Parramatta – What Can Patients Expect?

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When people suffering from decaying teeth visit a dental clinic in Parramatta, they’re often recommended root canal treatment. What is this procedure, and is it safe? 

Root canal treatment is one of the most popular dental procedures in the world. Dentists use this procedure to preserve decayed teeth. It involves the removal of infected nerve endings and pulp in decayed teeth. Once they’re removed, the specialists at a top dental clinic in Parramatta carefully clean the insides of the tooth. Then, the hollow teeth are packed with rubbery substances (generally known as gutta-percha) and sealed. Thus, the roots of your teeth are fixed. Although these procedures sound complex, they’re relatively simple and inexpensive. Any local dentist can carry out this procedure.

Why Will You Need Root Canal Treatment?

Dental experts at your dental clinic in Parramatta may recommend root canal treatment if you’re suffering from these conditions – 

  • Your teeth’s nerves and pulp have become severely inflamed or infected. 
  • Deep decay is caused because of inflammations and infections. 
  • Repeated tooth fillings have caused your teeth’s nerve endings to become inflamed or infected. 
  • Chips or cracks in teeth are caused because of physical trauma to the face. 

Patients suffering from these oral conditions must visit a dental clinic in Parramatta and apply for a simple root canal treatment process.  

The Root Canal Treatment Process – What to Expect?

Firstly, root canal treatments can be lengthy, so patients should expect to make one or more visits to their dental clinic in Parramatta. 

  • The dentists will first take X-rays to assess the root canals’ shape and condition. 
  • If there are any signs of infection/inflammation around the teeth and bone, the dentist will use local anesthesia on the patient’s mouth to conduct detailed inspections. Patients need to stay relaxed during these inspections. 
  • Rubber dams will be placed inside the mouth to keep it dry. 
  • The dentists will drill openings into the affected teeth. 
  • They will place numerous root canal files inside the drilled openings to scrape out the root canals and remove any decayed pulp, nerve endings, or bacteria inside the teeth. 
  • The root canal files increase in diameter as they’re drilled down the teeth.
  • To flush the debris from inside the teeth, dentists use sodium hypochlorite or water. 
  • After ensuring the teeth are completely clean and hollow, they’re sealed.
  • In the next appointment, the meticulously clean and hollow teeth are filled with gutta-percha and sealer gums. Gutta-percha is a rubber-like substance that’s extracted from the saps of rubber trees.

Almost every dental clinic in Parramatta follows these steps. Some dentists ask their patients to go through further teeth repairing processes, especially if they’ve suffered from excessive tooth decay. Such at-risk patients may also be given porcelain crowns or posts for added protection. 

The Importance of Getting Timely Root Canal Treatment 

At every dental clinic in Parramatta, these step-by-step courses of action is first thoroughly discussed with the dentist. The success rate of root canal treatment procedures is extremely high. So, calling it risk-free won’t be wrong. Not getting root canal treatment on time, however, is extremely risky. The damaged nerve endings may get severely infected by bacteria causing serious long-term issues like oral-bone degeneration and severe pain in the mouth.