Home Extensions: Hamptons Style

Home extension essentially refers to building or construction measures taken to increase the space in one home. That is a fast trending alternative to shifting into new houses that require a much more tedious process and higher monetary investment.

However, home extensions are not accessible. They are meticulous and require a high amount of research, planning and designing. Depending on the amount of work you need to have done to your home and the design style you choose, home extensions can become considerably expensive.

These can be different types, and each variant will be priced differently. However, a home extension increases the market value of one property due to its capacity to increase square footage space.

Types Of Home Extensions:

A single-storey extension — this home extension type expands and combines the property on the surface level itself.  That can be done quite conveniently if you have considerable space surrounding your house to convert effectively. Such construction requires close to twelve weeks.

A double-storey extension — here, another floor is added to your house. That takes a little more effort than the previous extension type since it’ll require evaluating the floor and house foundation and additional construction of the walls and roof. It needs a lot more work, but it gives you quite a lot of extra space. This type of construction might take a home renovation company close to sixteen weeks to complete.

These home extensions can be designed as per the need, requirement and vision of the homeowner. You can hire suitable and skilled companies to curate your home and make it visually appealing. Some such styles include Californian style with verandahs, Victorian-era-style homes, Hamptons-themed homes, or contemporary-modern-style homes. 

Let’s delve into the working of a Hamptons style renovation: 

A Hamptons style renovation is curated by establishing the colour palette that is a hallmark of Hampton’s. These include an array of soft blues, greens, whites, grey, and of course, sand and stone. The aesthetic is bright and cool yet highly classic and sophisticated. In sync with the colour scheme mentioned above, it’s further classified by its panelled walls, timber flooring and beach vibes. The approach should establish a solid prime colour and work with neutral-toned textures and details around it.

The other interior measures to establish the Hamptons style renovation are internal panelling, high ceilings, and traditional cabinetry. For, the exterior of a weatherboard cladding is definitive. However, the weatherboard must be suitable to Australia’s weather conditions and resistant to swelling due to moisture. While renovating, ask your contractor to keep adaptability in mind. 

If you are open to spending a little more, you can add further minuscule details that make all the difference towards creating the Hamptons style renovation. You could bring in some indoor plants like blue hydrangeas to liven up your interior space and feel closer to the beach. Shaker-style cabinets in the kitchen and shadow line at eaves and arches will help create a rich aesthetic.

To further bring out the Hamptons style, you could ask your home extensions contractor to create an alfresco space that will allow for an indoor-outdoor connection consistent with this look. Another requisite would be the massive foldable glass-wood door that shows glimpses of the picturesque view outside.
When you decide to go for a home extension, try incorporating the Hamptons style renovation to create your own beach house with its rustic and straightforward feel to enhance the aesthetics of your home.