How Much Does A Storage Unit Cost?

There are several distinct considerations when choosing a storage facility, including location, comfort, amenities, and, most importantly, cost. Storage costs influence clients’ decisions greatly, but do you know how much you should be paying?

We explain storage unit prices in 2023, whether you want to store your stuff, need some additional space for home renovations, or need a secure location to hold company papers.

Storage unit prices

We’ve put together a breakdown of the typical storage unit prices to help you understand how much storage costs there. Because storage costs are depending on size, location, and availability at the time of booking, the fees listed here are based on basic information and shouldn’t be taken as a final quote price.

Unit size Avg. Monthly Storage Prices       $/sq.ft.

5×5             $55.67                                             $2.23

10×10             $123.61                               $1.24

5×10             $80.56                                             $1.52

10×20             $178.14                                 $0.88

10×15             $158.83                                 $1.05

10×30             $205.53                                 $0.69

Why do storage costs vary?

There are a lot of various factors that can influence storage unit prices.

Size of a storage unit

One that should go without saying but is nonetheless worth mentioning: storage unit prices will increase with its size.


Facilities situated in popular or city centres are typically more expensive than those placed in less-populated simply due to demand, similar to how property is. When choosing a storage unit, think about how frequently you’ll need to retrieve your possessions, what you’re storing, and what transportation options you have. 

For instance, it’s best to pick a facility that is close to your home and that you can easily access with your preferred means of transportation if you’ll frequently be visiting your unit to pick up stuff.

Similar to the above, if you require personal storage and plan to keep items there for longer periods, like out-of-season clothing or sporting goods, you may want to consider a facility that is a little out of the way if it is less expensive because you won’t need to visit it as frequently.


Not all storage facilities are made equally, and although some do provide frills and conveniences, these frequently have a cost.

Others may provide post-handling services and culinary amenities to simplify your life. Before you start looking for a unit, it’s a good idea to jot down your requirements to make sure you’re checking off everything on your list.

Added expenses

There are a few additional factors you would need to take into account as well, depending on your storage provider.


Storage insurance coverage satisfies the need that all items being stored be insured. According to the Self Storage Association, all things in storage must have contents insurance, and the customers must confirm that all items are insured for the appropriate amount before locking up.


You will need to conduct some research on the types of locks the facility uses depending on the unit you choose.

Packaging materials

It’s crucial to pack your belongings carefully while transferring them into your storage unit to prevent damage. When it comes to moving out, investing in the right packing supplies will not only assist you to protect your possessions but will also make it easier for you to locate things.

Moving expenses

Depending on what you’re keeping and how many boxes or items you have, you might also need to pay for a moving service to assist you in moving into your storage facility.

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