How To Enhance Home Decor With Hall Tables in Sydney

The hall table in Sydney is often the first thing people see when they enter the house, so it’s worth taking the time to shape it carefully. A beautifully designed console table sets the scene and creates a charming and welcoming environment. 

What are the elements to include in your arrangement? 

Some of the favorites include: 

  • There is a tray for grouped items like candles, knickknacks, and small photo frames. 
  • Green or flowery. You cannot do without foliage in a large vase or a large bouquet of large flowers. Collecting items from the garden is always a good idea. 
  • A trio of books stacked on one side can create an impact. Choose books with a nice spine and stack from largest to smallest.

What should I do for all the practical parts like keys and mail? 

A hall table in Sydney should also have a practical purpose, providing space for everyday essentials like keys and sunglasses. To give them a genuine welcome and avoid cluttering your console’s display, choosing a console with at least two drawers is best. This will provide you with plenty of space for storage and display.

Do you have any ground rules?

  • It is essential to vary the height of objects on the console. If everything is at the same size, there is no longer a sense of balance. 
  • A painting or mirror should be hung at eye level. 
  • Artwork and mirrors should never protrude beyond the ends of the console try to keep them around 75% of the table’s width as a general rule. 
  • Round or oval mirrors or artwork work incredibly well because they break the rectangular lines of the console. Overlapping objects on the console can work well. For example, if you have a mirror and a beautiful tall plant, you can layer the plant and the mirror on top of each other. But it depends on the length of the console. It might be better to avoid stacking things on a very long console with a lot of space.

How important is the lighting?

Decorative lighting – either in the form of a table lamp or a pendant light above the console (hung on one side, not in the center). Not only does it create beautiful mood lighting when you enter the house, but it also provides functional light when people come and go. 

How should I decorate the area above the console?

This is a crucial point, and it completes the look of your hallway. You can decorate the wall with textured wallpaper, which serves as a backdrop for the decorative elements of the console. 

Or hang a painting or mirror above the console. It does not necessarily have to be centered. For an exciting and vibrant aesthetic, create a height at one end with a lamp, then place the mirror or artwork on the other end of the console. 

Advice on color?

When selecting the display color for your hall tables in Sydney, consider the hall tables in Sydney and their edges as a whole. The colors you choose should look intentional and make sense in the overall scheme. It’s best to select no more than one or two colors for your console layout and then use the tone variations in the rooms you choose to add interest. 

How can I shape them like a pro? 

  • Group similar objects, such as vases or photo frames. Or create a mixed group consisting of, for example, a frame, a vase, and a candle. 
  • Use odd numbers when creating clusters. 
  • Have asymmetric layouts on hall tables in Sydney. This creates visual interest and allows different elements to be added over time. 
  • With an asymmetric setup, aim for taller items on one end of the hall tables and shorter articles on the other. This could take the form of a large photo frame or a large candle on one end of the console and a group of three or five small photo frames or candles on the other end.