ICSI- Technology Used In The Procedure

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In the present scenario, a lot of cases related to conceiving have started arising. Several couples face one or other problems and face difficulty in achieving parenthood. It could be either due to male or female infertility issues for which proper treatment is required. In current times, a lot of medical treatments have been developed like IVF, ICSI, and much more. It will totally depend on the medical condition of your body and what treatment will suit you the best.

It is important that you visit the best ICSI clinic in Mumbai and ensure that you get the best services and facilities. Several couples deal with conceiving issues and are in search of a good specialist to get the desired help. When you visit one of the best ICSI clinics in Mumbai, the doctor will let you know how important this treatment is to solve your pregnancy issues and how male infertility can be treated. 

It is always a good feeling to be a parent but most couples nowadays suffer from various gynaecological problems. Numerous complications arise in the body of males and females that need separate consideration and treatments. ICSI treatment helps you to overcome some of the issues and ensure good treatment. 

How is ICSI treatment carried out?

Intracytoplasmic sperm injection or ICSI is an extended form of In vitro fertilization where the single sperm cells from the male is directly injected into the cytoplasm of the female egg. Microinjection is used to induce fertilization. The use of an inverted microscope is done that is used to perform the spotting of the sperm cell. The sperm cell is picked and treated with the help of an ICSI needle. 

A fine pipette is held by the experts that are responsible for holding the female egg firmly and then the sperm is made to fuse after being immobilized. A very delicate and fine needle is used to carry out the reaction. The sperm cell is fused into the egg carefully and the process of fertilization gets completed. The doctor at ICSI clinic in Mumbai will ensure that procedures are carried out with utmost care.

As soon as the sperm cell fuses with the egg, the needle is brought back from the cytoplasm. With the completion of fertilization, the eggs are kept under observation for nearly 19 hours to witness the progress and make sure that everything is going well.  The fertilized egg turns into an embryo and grows for 5 to 6 days before getting transferred into the female uterus. Also, the doctor ensures that the sperm being injected is entirely healthy and in a good condition to be fused with an egg.

This helps to increase the odds of fusion and getting pregnant. IThe ICSI technique provides medical experts with the opportunity to select the best sperm. It also eliminates the dilemma of whether the sperm has been fused. The process can also be brought into effect in case the IVF treatment fails due to some reason. 


This technique has been practiced for a long time now and has a safe track record. This technique helps the doctors to have control over the timing of fertilization and have sufficient time to transfer it into the female’s body.