Important Things You Must Know Before Selecting The Right Timber Flooring In Guildford

Once you decided to buy timber flooring in Guildford for your house you must do research about timber floors and the particular which you are planning to buy.  You must know all the advantages and disadvantages of using a natural product. When you are planning to buy timber flooring you must think in the long term. 

The first step for buying timber flooring in Guildford is by writing down all your expectations from the timber floor. Write your expectations for the next twenty years from the installation date. Timber flooring is one of the important assets of the house. They are natural, beautiful and attractive. Timber has its own personality and character. Since timber floors are made up of natural products the floors will not be perfect like an artificial floor. The properties of the timber floor change after using it for a few years or because of the climate changes. 

The color variation of timber:

Some timber species will have only small variation so if you want little variation then select one of those timber species. Normally timber flooring will oxidize over time and become darkened. So consider all those color variations while selecting the timber for flooring. 

Choices of perfect floor:

Getting a perfect timber floor is impossible. It is a living and natural product so it will shrink, cup or expands based on the environment changes. You can even get odd squeak timber for flooring. When the timber floors are exposed to direct sunlight then the color of the timber floors will fade. 

Different types of timber flooring in Guildford:

Deciding the type of timber flooring is also equally important. There are different types of timber flooring options available in the market you must select one that suits your requirements and meet all your needs. In broad, there are two types of timber flooring available in the market. They are solid timber flooring and engineered timber flooring.

Solid timber flooring: Solid timbers are not diametrical like engineered timber flooring. You get a large amount of timber and during weather changes, there will be a formation of great gaps. 

Engineered timber flooring: This type of timber flooring are stable and forgiving. They need little movement and form little gaps because of the environment changes. 

Both solid timber floor and engineered timber floors are of hardwood type. If you do not have knowledge in selecting the right timber for the flooring application then get help from the experts. They will guide you in choosing the right timber based on your needs. 

The hardness of the timber depends on the timber species. If your main preference is the hardness level of the timber then you do detail research on this topic. Both types of timber flooring will scratch. The surface of the engineered timber flooring is hard because of the manufacturing process. The coating type used in the engineered timber floor is ceramic Aluminium Oxide. Suppliers provide twenty years of warranty for the engineered timber floors. Use a mist spray method for cleaning the timber flooring.