Are You A Parent To A Jumbo Teddy Bear? Here’s How You Can Take Care Of It

There’s not a right or wrong age for having a teddy bear. You can be a parent of a toddler, and they might have Winnie the Pooh bear they hold while sleeping, or your lover has given you a jumbo teddy bear as their reminder. Something to remind you of them!! Either way, you need to understand how to take care of such giant plushies. Especially if you tend to keep them open and hug them while sleeping, you need to be extra attentive. In case it’s your baby’s favourite, you must be even more careful and be mindful of the needs the giant furball might have. 

There is nothing approximately as cutesy as a jumbo teddy bear. These friendly giants are soft, cuddly, and a delight to cuddle up next to. Of course, the big teddy will require to be cleansed from time to time. Even though you can keep them reasonably clean with routine maintenance, which we will also discuss later on, while all that is snuggling and waltzing around, the teddy will accumulate plenty of dirt, bed bugs and fibre, and probably a few smudges as well. So, how do you clean your big old teddy mate without breaking his soft fur? 

You Have Various Options Available To You And We Will Study Each One In This Article

What Not To Do

Most big teddies have delicate and fluffy fur and must not be rinsed in extremely hot water. You must also dodge drying them with hairdryers or leaving them in the dryer on high heat. They must not be presented to direct daylight for extensive periods either, as this can cause discolouration. If a teddy does not dry out correctly, he can begin to stink rank or develop mould, so they should be dried off as soon as attainable.

Some Soap And A Brush Can Do The Trick

If there are any light stains, you should act before they set in, so you can soak them up and wash the area with some soapy water. Every once in a while, you can submerge your giant bear in your bathtub and give him an out-and-out wash with a bar of soap and a brush. You can then move the teddy out to drain in the shade or put him on a garments dryer rack in a well-ventilated space.

Household Cleaning Hacks For More Persistent Stains And Odours

You can use white vinegar mixed with water for more severe stains, apply it to the area, or soak the teddy bear in the juice and give him a complete wash. Carbonated water can also help eliminate some of the more persistent stains. Since big teddy bears tend to be pulled around and even used as improvised furniture, they can pick up odours. The best way to deal with this is to take some baking powder and spray it all over teddy, and it will soak up and neutralize any odour. Another good trick is to mix some lavender oil with water in a vacant spray bottle and spray your teddy all around. This will give him a wonderful fresh fragrance and make him even cuddlier.

Vacuuming And Brushing

As far as regular maintenance is concerned, apart from throwing some baking powder on the teddy and dosing him with some scented water, you will need to vacuum him from time to time tenderly. Make sure to use a low-pressure setting and carefully vacuum out all the dirt and hair. If you have pets, odds are they have fallen asleep on the soft, comfy bear more than once, so it would be best to use a pet hair remover brush to make sure you get all of the hair. Run a regular comb through the fur a few times a week to make sure your teddy remains clean – you can have your kids do this as a fun play of “groom the bear”.

Using A Washing Machine

Giant bears will not fit a lot of regular washing machines, so you may need to make a trip down to the nearest laundry. You want to look out for the bears’ eyes and nose scratching up or falling off and the stuffing shifting around during the tumbling. This can be stopped by placing the bear in an oversized cotton sack or just protecting him in some sheets and tying off the corners before putting him in the laundry machine.

Follow the method you like, and be sure to play with your giant bear happily.