Keep Up On Regular Air Conditioning Maintenance This Year In St Mary’s

commercial air conditioning maintenance st marys

Commercial air conditioners are essential to maintaining the comfort and safety of businesses. There are three main types of commercial air conditioners available: split type, single package, and rooftop package. The split type is composed of two units – an indoor unit that contains the evaporator coil and fan, and an outdoor unit that houses the compressor, condenser coils, fans, and other components. Single-package systems have all their components contained in one casing. At the same time, rooftop packages feature a combination of both indoor and outdoor components within one housing unit located on top of a building or structure. All these different types provide cooling solutions for various applications but require regular maintenance to ensure optimal performance.

Commercial Air Conditioners Maintenance

Keeping the filters clean is one of the most important aspects of commercial air conditioning maintenance in St Mary’s. Dirty filters can cause inefficient systems and higher energy bills due to reduced airflow. It is recommended that you check and replace your filter every few months or as needed based on usage. In addition, regular cleaning will prevent dust buildup in the evaporator coil, which can lead to frost formation and decreased cooling performance.

It is also necessary to periodically check refrigerant levels in order to make sure that they remain within acceptable ranges for optimal efficiency and safety standards set by industry regulations. If these levels become too low, it can result in poor cooling performance as well as potentially damaging compressor failure over time due to an excessive workload from having too little liquid available for circulation throughout the system’s components. This makes regular inspections essential for maintaining a healthy commercial air conditioning unit with maximum efficiency and longevity.

Preventing ice build-up is another crucial component of commercial air conditioning maintenance in St. Mary’s. Ice formations can occur when there are insufficient amounts of refrigerant circulating through the system or if there are obstructions in any part of it. To avoid this problem, a technician should inspect all internal components regularly for signs of blockage or leaks. Additionally, they should also ensure that proper refrigerant levels are maintained according to manufacturer specifications at all times.

Preventative Maintenance Tips

The thermostat settings should be checked regularly to ensure that the air conditioning is running as efficiently as possible. This should include setting the temperature a few degrees higher than usual during times when no one will be present in order to save energy. It is also important to level both indoor and outdoor units properly, which can help reduce noise from vibration and improve unit performance.

The outdoor AC coils must also be cleaned on a regular basis in order for them to operate at peak efficiency. Cleaning involves removing dirt, leaves, and other debris from around the condenser fins as well as hosing down the exterior of the unit itself with warm water once every few months or so. If you notice any signs of corrosion or wear on your coil, it may need replacing entirely rather than just cleaning up.

Finally, ducts should also be inspected periodically for areas where they’re leaking air or causing drafts throughout a space due to poor insulation integrity within those particular sections. Doing this can result in improved occupant comfort levels while simultaneously helping conserve energy – something all businesses strive towards.