Summary – Planning to set up a BBQ in Marsden Park? Here are the health risks homeowners may face.

The thought of setting up a BBQ in Marsden Park and eating outdoors is highly appealing to many homeowners. Eating outdoors has always been the perfect way for homeowners to enjoy the local climate. But, outdoor eating comes with various risks. If homeowners aren’t aware of the basic food safety rules, they can face risks like food poisoning.

If you’re planning to use your outdoor BBQ kitchen, here are some safety guidelines that you must follow.

  • Since microorganisms grow more easily on food items when they’re stored in temperatures between 5 °C and 60 °C, it’s vital for homeowners to invest in transportable freezers. Never store the food outdoors for long periods. The distance between your backyard or patio and your refrigerator should be as small as possible.
  • The risk of food items getting exposed to contamination from pests, dust, etc., is ever-present, so homeowners must set up facilities for washing and cleaning the food. Simply compelling everyone to wash their hands is not enough. Homeowners must give them access to clean water and constantly wash the items they plan to cook.
  • While enjoying a BBQ in Marsden Park, there are certain high-risk foods that homeowners should preferably avoid. Some of these items include – casseroles, curries, lasagne, fish balls, stews, and all raw meat. It’s not fair to ask homeowners to avoid these food items at future BBQ parties. But, they should take extra precautions with such food items that are known for getting contaminated very easily by external pollutants.
  • Cut and prepare all food items (meats and salads in particular) before heading outdoors. Place these items in temperature-resistant containers. Store high-risk foods like chicken, turkey, dairy-based desserts, etc., in special leak-proof coolers.
  • Ideally, your cooking centre should be shaded so that risks like bird droppings or rainfall can be avoided. 
  • Use clean plates for storing all raw or cooked meats. Never make the mistake of reusing the same container that was used to store raw meats to store cooked food items. 

The Advantages of Following these Basic Guidelines 

The idea of getting an outdoor BBQ kitchen has entered the minds of thousands of homeowners who spent the majority of 2020 stuck indoors. These kitchens help homeowners set up outdoor entertainment spaces that people of all ages can enjoy. As long as they follow these basic safety guidelines, they can – 

  • Enjoy grill nights every day and enjoy open-air dining.
  • Engage in outdoor yard games with family members. Homeowners must ensure that the design layouts of their outdoor BBQ spaces are guest-friendly. 
  • Setting up a BBQ in Marsden Park means that you’re expanding your living space. These kitchen designs help homeowners transition their indoors into the outdoors in the classiest way possible. 
  • Outdoor kitchens can and should have cabinets that store food items, kitchen appliances, etc. This additional storage space helps homeowners declutter their indoor spaces. 
  • In outdoor kitchens, homeowners can cook foods with strong odours without having to worry about weird smells filling up their homes.

Cooking outdoors can be very fun as long as you follow the safety guidelines!