Pamper Your Pregnant Self: The Benefits Of A Home Spa Care Package

new mum care package

A new mum’s care package is an excellent way to show your pregnant self some love and appreciation. During pregnancy, women often find themselves exhausted and overwhelmed with the physical and emotional changes that accompany this special time. A new mum care package can provide much-needed relaxation, rejuvenation, and pampering for expectant mothers in the comfort of your home so they feel refreshed and energized as they prepare for the arrival of their child. 

What Should You Include in Your New Mum Care Package?

One of the best parts about a home spa day is selecting which treats you’ll indulge in during your special session. To make sure you get everything you need to relax, refresh, and pamper yourself while pregnant, consider including these items: 

1. Essential oils: Essential oils are a fantastic way to create a relaxing atmosphere during your at-home spa experience. Lavender oil has calming properties that can help reduce stress levels, while chamomile oil has soothing effects on tense muscles or cramps associated with pregnancy. Additionally, peppermint oil can alleviate nausea which many moms-to-be commonly experience throughout their pregnancies. 

2. Back Massage: A back massage is one of the best ways to relax during an at-home spa experience. Use a combination of essential oils and relaxing music for the ultimate spa experience. Focus on relieving tension in your lower, middle and upper back with gentle pressure from your fingertips or palms.

3. Foot soak: Soaking your feet in warm water is an easy way to relax after a long day, especially when pregnant! Add Epsom salt into the mix for maximum relaxation benefits; this mineral helps draw out toxins and reduces inflammation associated with swelling ankles or feet related to pregnancy weight gain. 

4. Facial: A facial is a great way to pamper yourself during an at-home spa experience. Gentle, natural cleansers and moisturizers that are specifically designed for pregnant women should be used.

Benefits of Incorporating New Mum Care Packages Into Your Routine During Pregnancy? 

The benefits of taking time out just for yourself should never be underestimated – especially during pregnancy when plenty more things are vying away our attention daily, whether directly or indirectly towards baby preparation. Here are some top reasons why regular new mum care package should become part of every expectant mother’s routine:

1. Stress relief: With all the overwhelming emotions that come along with being pregnant, indulging in some “me time” through luxurious treats like facials or back massages gives us an opportunity to take a pause from all worries. Not only does this allow greater clarity, but it also enhances productivity overall by reducing anxiety levels over prolonged periods!   

2. Improved sleep quality: Sleep deprivation is common among soon-to-be mamas; hence dedicating extra effort towards getting proper shut-eye helps significantly improve energy levels each morning and helps to tackle tasks easily throughout the day!

3. Skin rejuvenation: It goes without saying that most pregnant ladies suffer various degrees of dryness & itchiness primarily because of changing hormone levels plus stretching belly area. A gentle exfoliation treatment & moisturizing lotions keep skin hydrated, soft and supple, ensuring a beautiful glow ahead postpartum phase!

Pampering your pregnant self with a new mum care package is an excellent way to show yourself some love and appreciation while preparing for the arrival of your little one. So take some time out just for you during this special time in life – it’ll be worth it!