Quick Ways Of Removing Efflorescence From Bricks

The unwanted whitewash that covers your bricks could be removed without much hassle. Don’t worry you won’t be needing any superhero powers to scrape off the salt deposit. It is 2022 and what we need is ‘science’ to help us out. Without wasting any further time let’s quickly zero in on some of the most convenient ways of removing efflorescence from brick.

Efflorescence- What Is It?

Let’s quickly understand why in the first place you have to face the efflorescence in the brick. It happens when the masonry surface is exposed to moisture-containing dissolved salts. When this water evaporates it leaves the salt as a deposit on the surface. As we can understand that there may be ways to prevent this process even before we think of removing efflorescence from bricks.

Can We Prevent Efflorescence?

You can’t probably prevent yourself from falling in love but you can surely prevent the process of efflorescence from happening at all.

Read the following ways to update yourself with some measures of prevention-

  • Use a vapour barrier to prevent moisture-laden salts from entering the slab from the subgrade section.
  • Make the concrete impermeable using some genuine and long-lasting waterproofing elements.
  • Make sure your concrete does not dry off prematurely.
  • Lastly, avoid working with ingredients that contain high amounts of salt. 

Well, don’t sulk if you have already made mistakes and your bricks run white-powdery patches all over. You still have an ample number of options for removing efflorescence from brick.

Removal of Efflorescence 

There are many ways to easily get rid of the efflorescence that is tarnishing the beautiful look of your place. You can also hire a professional cleaning service if you lack time and the right tools. 

A water jet

A water jet with high pressure is mostly used to remove the salt from the bricks. Pressurized water will dissolve the salt and wash it away. However, care must be taken to completely blow dry the water if you don’t want it back.

A Stiff

Your next option is to brush the powdery substance with the help of a stiff brush. For better results rinse the concrete with clean water and let it dry completely.

Acid Solution

Mix acid with water and prepare a dilute solution. Apply the mixture and leave it untouched for about 15 minutes. Rinse the application with water. Make sure to moisten the surface before spraying the acid solution. HCl (hydrochloric acid) and H3PO4 (Phosphoric acid) are usually used for the same. Be very careful while working with any kinds of acids.

Water Repellents

Using water Repellents as a coating on the surface is one of the most accurate solutions. Acrylic and Silicone coatings suit the purpose best.

Hopefully, now you are aware of the easiest ways of removing efflorescence from brick. You can either choose to take preventive measures or use any of the above-mentioned solutions to prevent e  efflorescence from occurring. Or you may avail of professional help at an affordable price range.