Resurfacing VS Replacing A Driveway: What To Choose?

driveway resurfacing Illawarra

If you are someone who is facing the dilemma of whether to opt for replacing the driveway or simply resurfacing it, then you are at the right place. Before you decide you would be going for the replacement of the driveway or settling for the driveway resurfacing in Illawarra, there are certain important factors and considerations that you need to consider.

  • Cracks  

The cracks are the first visible sign of deterioration of the driveway. One should always look out for these cracks at the earliest and attend to the situation to avoid any further expensive and complex issues that might occur.  While considering the cracks one should follow the general rule that anything less than a quarter-inch wide crack can be easily handled with simple repair from a local professional who has substantial experience of repair of driveway and driveway resurfacing in Illawarra. One can then choose to refinish the surface if one wishes to get uniformity in the appearance of the driveway which too is not that a major expense. However, for any crack bigger than this, one should not hesitate to attend the underlying conditions like seepage. For such major issues, it is important to go about finding the right professional who can help you with replacing the driveway. Thus, the cracks on the driveway and their size are one of the first things that you need to consider for choosing whether to opt for driveway resurfacing or replacement.

  • Age

Another important variable that drastically affects this decision of whether you should opt for replacing the driveway or resurface it is the age of the driveway. Not every driveway can continue to hold extreme pressure forever. This means that although most driveway typically is so designed to serve the purpose for 20-25 years, one cannot continue to use them without replacement forever. In case you witness a crack or any other form of deterioration when the driveway is nearing this age of 20-25 years, opting for resurfacing of the driveway might not be an ideal decision. This is because at this point, even the repair would not be able to extend its life by more than a couple of years and so it does not make much sense to incur frequent expenses. In such cases, choosing to find an experienced professional who can help you with the replacement of the driveway will be a much better, wiser, and rewarding choice. So, the age of the driveway is another important aspect that you need to consider while choosing whether to opt for your driveway’s replacement or driveway resurfacing in Illawarra. 

  • Existing material

A yet another important factor that can affect your choice of whether to opt for resurfacing the driveway or opt for its replacement is the existing material of the driveway. This is so because some surface is harder and troublesome to repair than others. For instance, one can take the example of natural cobblestones and concrete that have drastically different methods of repair. One also needs to consider the maintenance that the existing material needs to make a good choice of whether to opt for a replacement or resurfacing of the driveway. One needs to take into account everything ranging from the durability and functionality to maintenance and aesthetics of the existing material of the driveway to make a better and more sensible choice.

  • Drainage issues

The last in the list of most important considerations that you need to take into account while making a choice between driveway replacement and driveway resurfacing in Illawarra is the underlying drainage issues. If the driveway is a well-designed one, you are less likely to face any difficulty due to the water. But in the case of water pooling in areas, one can expect to face some serious drainage issues. But this does not mean that you will have to replace the entire driveway. If you hire the right professional who has substantial experience of driveway resurfacing in Illawarra and if the material is right, you can solve your problem with resurfacing the driveway.


Thus, after taking all these factors into due consideration, one can make a better choice of whether they would need to replace the driveway, or a resurfacing will be enough to put things back to order.