The Best Guide To Buy An Air Compressor For Sale In Sydney!

Air compressors are one of the most used machinery, especially in industrial and commercial applications. They are used to convert power to potential energy stored in compressed air. The best part of the air compressor is that there is no heat generated as there is no energy conversion. In the global market, you would have witnessed a rise in the hydraulic air compressors that have been offered for sale. This article will help you with a perfect guide when buying an air compressor for sale in Sydney. Air compressors have been in the business for several years. They have served several purposes right from piston displacement for rotating a shaft at high speed for spray paints and improved torque (rotation power) for pneumatic tools such as drilling machines, brushes and screwdrivers.

Classifications of Air Compressors:

When buying an air compressor for sale in Sydney, you will notice two distinct options-

1- Positive Displacement: Such air compressors will usually be found in small and medium-sized companies.

2- Dynamic Positive Displacement: They are found mainly in larger manufacturing plants.

Air compressors can further be classified as-

  • Low-Pressure Compressor (150 Psi)
  • Medium Pressure Compressor (151- 1000 Psi)
  • High-Pressure Compressor ( >1000 Psi)

How to find your ideal air compressor for sale in Sydney?

1- Analyse your requirements- Before buying an air compressor, check the pressure and volume requirements. Check for what applications will the air compressor be used for in your day to day activities. If you buy a lower pressure compressor, your work efficiency will undoubtedly take a hit.

2- Choose your type of compressor- There are piston-type, hydraulic air compressor and portable compressors that you can choose. Your workload requirement would be the best way to determine which air compressor would be your ideal fit.

3- Check the Horse Power- Air compressors with horsepower on a scale of 1.5 – 6.5 HP are ideal for small and medium scale businesses. Where higher horsepower is mainly used for industrial purposes. 

4- Consider the Power Source- Do you have a continuous electricity supply available? Then an electric motor to drive the air compressor would be the best bet. Else, you can buy a compressor that runs on gasoline. 

5- Size of the tank- If you select a piston-type or a hydraulic air compressor for sale, then the size of the tank plays a crucial role. A smaller tank would be ideal for small-scale applications, whereas if you need the compressor to run for a more extended period, having larger tank sizes should be your go-to choice.

Where should you place your air compressor?

Ideally, one should place their air compressor as close to the application they would be used for. Ensure the space is cool, dry and open-ended with the best ventilation available. Also, check with the seller the ambient temperature that would offer the best usability of the air compressor.

Working parameters to check when buying Hydraulic air compressors for sale:

Some of the performance parameters that one should check includes-

1- Start and stop operation- How efficiently can the compressors respond to the change in pressure. The best way to add a start/stop switch is to enhance the process. You can easily use them for compressors having HP lower than 30.

2- Load/Unload- The time taken by the compressor till the discharge pressure becomes adequate. 

3- Variable Speed Drive- Based on the type of air demanded by your application, your compressor can vary the speed to give a constant and steady pressure. 

If you are going to buy an air compressor for sale in Sydney from online stores, check out customer reviews about the product and the authenticity of the supplier. Look out for stores that will offer you genuine products that meet all your needs and ensure your compressor will be durable, reliable and long-lasting. Also, check the payment types and delivery time to ensure the product reaches you on time.