The History Of Charcoal Chicken

Charcoal Chicken

No matter how far we go back in time, the human body used to function in almost the same manner in any given phase. The foremost thing to do was to find and cook something to eat, survival was one of the major aspects of living life. Chicken has been cooked for a long time now and you can find its details from the history books as well. One of the most traditional ways to cook this food was to go for charcoal chicken. While the demand for charcoal chicken in lurnea is quite high in this day and age, grilling and barbequing used to be done in a very interesting manner back in the day. We will check the little history of charcoal chicken to know more about it so that you get an idea of how it used to be done in the past:- 

1. Started Around 17th Century :

People didn’t know the concept of grilling before the 17th century. They used to cook food in a lot of different manners before that age. We are saying this because the beginning of grilling can be traced to the 17th century. It was the Arawak tribe of the Caribbean and South America that started to cook charcoal chicken. There were manners of cooking chicken before this age. But either the methods were too tough to handle or the chicken was not getting cooked properly. The people would use sticks to do the job. With the help of sticks, the flame would be created and the meat was placed on it. This method was called Barbacoa. When people started grilling the chicken, they realized that it was a more entertaining process and the meat cooked shaped up perfectly as well. 

2. Invention Of Grilling Instruments:

Grilling was invented way later in 1897. While grilling used to take place before as well, the design for charcoal briquettes was prepared around this time. The charcoal chicken that we eat today in Lurnea is cooked with the newest technology. But it wasn’t the same case back in the day. While people started understanding grilling in the 17th century, it wasn’t until 1897 that the Kingsford company came up with an instrument for it. Although the actual credits for charcoal briquettes should go to Ellsworth B.A. Swoyer. The use of wood scraps and sawdust was taken into account to come up with charcoal. 

3. Introduction Of BBQ Grills :

BBQ grills came into place somewhere in the 1940s. This was the time when people started living in suburbs. In the backyard of their house, people used to come up with grills. It was used to cook the charcoal chicken as well as to create a large amount of ash. The meat used to be burned with the help of these appliances. Around the 1960s, Gas grills were introduced as well. With time, more and more changes kept occurring to BBQ grills. The health of people was taken as a big consideration of the rapid changes. The charcoal chicken that we eat today in Lurnea is prepared effortlessly. But it wasn’t the same case forever. You can see how things have changed ever since the concept of charcoal was first introduced to the people!