The Importance Of A Dogging Licence When You Want To Be A Serious Professional

dogging licence

The use of heavy machinery equipment like a forklift is a common feature in the world of commercial business, construction and building and even manufacturing. 

If you consider the operations of a forklift this is largely used in the movement of immense volumes of heavy items that need a machine to lift and transport them. This saves time along with a neater and more precise workflow process. 

In the operation of a crane or a forklift, there is a serious role played by a rigger and a dogman; these are two important people who are mainly responsible for how efficiently a crane or a forklift works. There are certified course programs provided for interested candidates and they are awarded a dogging licence only after successful completion of the course. 

The Rigger And The Dogman:

The rigger is also the driver of the forklift who is operating the movement of the machine. The entire volume of the materials being shifted or transported between points and places is their responsibility. 

The work of the dogman is focused mainly on giving the rigger a sense of direction of the crane movement when the other cannot see it entirely. Dogman works at slinging a load of materials to be shifted onto the hook and then gives directions. They can use hand signals and even wireless devices to communicate as well. 

Why Is Dogging Essential:

There will be times when the crane or the forklift hook with a huge load of materials will be out of the sight of a rigger or the equipment operator who is usually sitting like a driver. 

Getting a sense of the direction of the movement of this load is vital for the rigger from where he is seated. This communication is provided by the dogman who is outside on his foot and obviously far more mobile. 

He may have wireless radios for better communication of the direction to the rigger. However, he can also use hand movements to signal the operator adequately. 

Licence And Training: 

This is increasingly becoming popular because of the increasing use of forklifts and cranes in places of construction and manufacturing. 

  • This is a responsible job which makes it important for prior training
  • A dogman has to know the various types of lifting equipment that is available and their operations 
  • His job will entail a proper understanding of the angles of lifting which has to be radioed and signalled effectively to the operator or rigger
  • He should be proficient in hand signalling and whistles along with the use of wireless devices
  • Understanding the various type of crane movements and its bends or swings is important to knowing the direction of the movement
  • There should be a high level of alertness to detect any hazardous movement or possible cause of accidental fall of the load
  • Reaction to the emergency has to be very high and instant conveying ability is important 

These are qualities that are honed among candidates as they put through the course curriculum and training for the same. All information related to the job and its responsibilities are explained at length to the trainees. 

After successful completion of the training, there is a licence awarded to these professionals who are then capable of applying for similar jobs.