The Pros and Cons of Adding a Glass Board For Office in Sydney!

glass board for office

A glass board serves as a multipurpose component that will add significant value to your office spaces. Not only do they look elegant, but they also offer great functionality to your rooms. Suppose you are contemplating adding a glass board for the office, in that case, there are several factors that you should weigh in. Glass boards have become a piece of essential office furniture in Sydney mainly due to their multifunctional purpose. Therefore, you will find them in most furniture stores that sell office furniture in Sydney. So how do you find your ideal glass board for the office? Continue reading our article to find the pros and cons of installing a glass board for the office.

Adding to the appearance of your spaces:

We can guarantee that adding a glass board for the office will tremendously help improve your office space. They look thin, slick and have no bulky frames as compared to traditional whiteboards. Due to the frameless designs, glass boards offer a modern look and feel to your office interiors. You can choose between a matte or a gloss finish that best suits your office personality for a unique appearance.

Upkeep of your glass board for office:

When you install a glass board for the office from a professional company, you can be assured of easier upkeep. Glass boards are easier to clean, and due to their non-porous surface, they do not have any ghosting effect observed, unlike traditional whiteboards, where-in the ghosting effect was a significant issue. However, it’s important to note that you don’t keep the written material on for a more extended period on the glass board as it may lead to staining.

They are expensive:

Glass boards are simple and quite expensive. Compared to other solutions, the cost of glass boards is way higher. While being expensive, you can be assured that they would last longer than a traditional whiteboard. Additionally, you will need the help of a professional to come and help you with the installations to get the perfect finishing. Trying to get the glass board for the office installed by yourself may lead to improper fittings as they are pretty tricky to mount on the walls without having any professional knowledge.

Limited choices:

Compared to whiteboards, a glass board for the office will have limited choice on how they look. In most cases, you will find transparent glass boards. However, with modern improvements, you will find coloured or painted glass boards for better finishing. You will again need to call in an expert to get the backside painting done to perfection. For a plain glass board, you may sometimes find it difficult to read the text written on the board. Sending your colleague photos of what you had done or suggested for the day would be difficult to transfer as clicking photos would be difficult on the reflective glass surface.

The use of glass boards for offices has risen significantly in recent times as they are suitable for illustrations and better explanations among the group. Though the choices in styles are limited, you can choose your ideal finishing to help for easier reading. Therefore, when shopping for office furniture in Sydney, do consider purchasing some quality glass boards. Though they might be expensive, with their durability, you will be assured that they will last longer than traditional whiteboards.