The Rising Popularity Of Custom Flat Pack Cabinets – Why Are These Cabinets So Highly Rated?

custom flat pack cabinets

More and more homeowners are opting for custom flat pack cabinets instead of pre-assembled cabinets. Here’s why. 

Although kitchen renovations are exciting procedures for homeowners, they’re also quite stressful and time-consuming. Renovators can take weeks to design and create cabinets for their clients’ renovated kitchens. That’s why alternative solutions like custom flat pack cabinets are gaining popularity. 

With pre-assembled flat pack kitchen cabinets, homeowners get the convenience of not having to wait for too long to set up their cabinetries. Now, top sellers of custom made flat pack cabinets also offer various customisation options. Homeowners can select custom sizes, widths, heights, and depths for their cabinets. 

These flat pack cabinets come with pre-designed drawer runners and pre-drilled hinges. But they’re still customisable. Homeowners don’t need to worry about décor or space-related issues anymore since their cabinets will be custom made to order. Here are some other reasons why custom flat pack cabinets are so popular – 

  • Cost-Effective Solution – Unlike custom-made kitchen cabinets, custom made flat pack cabinets are much cheaper. Homeowners can get up to 50% discounts on these pre-assembled flat pack cabinets. With increased affordability comes more choices. Homeowners can shop for the most attractive and stylish pre-assembled flat pack kitchen cabinets without having to worry about budgetary concerns. 
  • Easy to Assemble – The latest flat pack cabinets have come a long way. These modern cabinets offer excellent design flexibility. Assembly-related requirements are minimal. In fact, most of these cabinets are already assembled. Homeowners simply need to inform the sellers about their size and design preferences. They’ll receive flat pack cabinets that perfectly fit their kitchens’ sizes and designs within a few days. 
  • Durable and Long-Lasting – By opting for flat pack cabinets, many homeowners assume that they’re sacrificing quality and durability for convenience and cost-effectiveness. However, this type of thinking is totally outdated. Modern-day custom flat pack cabinets are extremely durable. Since these cabinets are customised to meet the clients’ specific requirements, they fit in perfectly inside old kitchen spaces. Plus, these items are factory assembled by experienced cabinetmakers. Their constructions are always top quality. If homeowners still feel unsure about the quality of their flat pack cabinets, they can always opt for longer warranty periods. 
  • Moisture Resistance Thanks to HMR Boards – The best flat pack and custom-made cabinets are constructed using Highly Moisture Resistant (HMR) boards. The doors of these cabinets are typically made from highly durable MDF boards. While the MDF boards make the cabinets more stylish and more durable, the HMR boards make these cabinets extremely resistant to moisture damage. Kitchens are notorious for being wet and humid breeding grounds for pests and insects. By installing custom-made cabinets with HMR boards, homeowners can make their kitchen spaces less prone to moisture damage. Less moisture damage also makes these cabinets more long-lasting. 
  • Instant Installation – The leading sellers of these alternative cabinetry solutions always prioritise easy installation. Homeowners only need simple tools like nails, screw guns, hammers, etc., to fix these cabinets into place. There’s no need to hire carpenters.

These are the main reasons why custom flat pack cabinetry solutions are so popular amongst homeowners.