Things To Know About Orthodontics In Hurstville

orthodontics in Hurstville

Different dental concerns require different solutions. There are various specialities in dentistry and you should generally choose a dental clinic that deals with your concern specifically. In case your teeth are oddly shaped or misaligned, you will be required to visit a clinic providing orthodontics in Hurstville. In normal terms, these are the dentists that apply braces to your teeth to position them properly. However, there’s much more to orthodontics that you should keep in mind. Let’s take a look at a few things here below: 


Most people feel that braces are going to cost them huge. If their budget doesn’t allow them to bear the cost, they settle with the issues in the alignment of their teeth. However, orthodontics is not an expensive treatment by any means. Applying braces can prove to be quite affordable. You need to look for the right payment plans and complementary initial programs. You can also consider insurance and everything will be just about fine. Thus, this treatment won’t require you to pay huge money. 

Don’t Always Hurt 

Another misconception about braces and orthodontics is how the braces hurt a lot. This is a psychological fear that prevents people from aligning their teeth in the right manner. If you choose the right orthodontists in Hurstville, they will be there for you every step of the way. You will have some discomfort when you first get your braces because of the pressure the brackets and wires put on your teeth. But this discomfort is meant to last for only a couple of days. Thereafter, it will be smooth sailing as the pain is going to subside. 

More Than Just Straightening 

A layman would consider orthodontics as a treatment that is only going to straighten your teeth. Once you visit a dental clinic in Hurstville to apply this treatment, you will realise that it has a much bigger scope. Apart from aligning your teeth right, it will also help in correcting jaw placement too. Crooked teeth and spacing issues are important to fix, but correcting jaw alignment is just as necessary. It will also help in fixing other bite issues such as overbite or underbite. Once the treatment is completed, you will realise that chewing and eating food has become much more comfortable. 

Need Of A Retainer 

The job is only half done when you apply braces. Once you put the braces off, the teeth might start moving all over again. If you don’t want this issue to stick further, you will have to apply a retainer for your teeth. It will be required to be applied for at least one year after braces have been put off. It will be further explained to you by the orthodontist that you hire in Hurstville. Depending upon the concern in your teeth and their alignment, the period of the retainer is going to be decided.

Orthodontics is quite a complex field of dentistry. Since results are not drawn overnight, it can be a bit difficult to analyse the results early on. All you can do is hire the best dental clinic in Hurstville to perform the job. If it does its job right, you will find great results in the future!