Top 3 Questions To Ask The Removalist Company Before Hiring

Right guidance and assistance are essential for a smooth relocation of all your belongings. But before you finalize the removalist companyyou have to ensure the exact services you can get from the company by asking a set of vital questions. 

Information Is Crucial

You must have heard about many terrible experiences of homeowners where the packers and movers have delivered completely damaged items at the destination. Moreover, the company denied paying the insurance coverage. If you want to avoid such nightmares, you have to gather basic information about the company. 

Question #1: Are They Going To Conduct A Pre-Move Survey?

It is crucial for the removalist company to send a surveyor beforehand to confirm the volume of possessions you are planning to move through their service. You can discuss your requirements, and it will help avoid any last-minute change in the service pricing.

  • Ask how much time will be sufficient to complete the packing well before you plan to shift.
  • You can even ask whether they have a storage facility if you have to clear out the present house a few days before possession of the new house. 

After the survey, you can discuss the additional service requirements, if any, and then finalize the quotation.

Question #2: Do They Possess The Right Equipment?

Shifting is an elaborate process. The packers and movers will complete the packing of your belongings, load them in a vehicle, and transfer them to the destination. 

  • Ask the removalist company what size of lorries or vans they are going to provide. You can assess whether it will be sufficient for your possessions. 
  • If you need special packing for the wine bottles or the books like the wine racks and the book boxes, you can intimate the company beforehand and check whether they have the provision. 

It is better to hire a company that can provide you with all the required services. The pieces of equipment will make a difference between a good and a bad moving experience. 

Question #3: Do They Have Ample Staff?

Packing and moving the belongings of the clients demand efficient teamwork. A removalist company must have sufficient staff to do the job flawlessly.

  • Members of the staff must have equal skillset and training with the assignment of specific jobs to the specially trained team members. 
  • The staff must wear uniforms as the last thing you want to see the front door open with strangers moving in and out without an identification mark of being the staff on a moving day. 

You must ensure that the company has an organized team for performing the job within minimum time. 

Get Details About Insurance

What happens if your goods suffer from damage? The removalist company should be ideally responsible for the damage and should financially pay for the losses if any. But the company will also have its terms and conditions to make sure that you don’t claim damages that happened due to improper packaging and you didn’t avail of their packing services either. A well-informed decision is always helpful in swift shifting.