Understanding The Meteoric Rise Of Dunnage Packaging

dunnage packaging

The industrial packaging industry had a busy 2020. Here’s how dunnage packaging helped these professionals optimize their supply chains. 

The events of 2020 severely impacted the global shipping industry and the industrial packaging industry. As COVID19-related regulations were causing havoc on international supply chains, many of these professionals were recalibrating their approach to shipping and packaging. One packaging item that was used extensively throughout this period is dunnage packaging. 

These packaging items, also known as dunnage bags, guarantee product safety during long cross-country shipping processes. Top providers of wooden dunnage packaging items produce bags in custom sizes. These durable bags are extremely affordable, so they were used extensively across most resource-deficient supply chains across the world in 2020. 

Now, high-quality dunnage packaging bags are considered to be essential items by everyone in the shipping, packaging, and manufacturing industries.

The Need For Security 

For many decades, dunnage has been used to secure and load heavy cargo for transport. It’s available in various materials, including – woven polypropylene, corrugated plastic/paper, aluminum, wood, foam, steel, etc. These packaging items typically come in three products – kit packs, custom dunnage bags, and dunnage bags with multi-material features. 

In 2020, customer demands and expectations changed radically. More and more people are engaged with eCommerce platforms, driving up the demand for reliable packaging solutions. Dunnage, wooden dunnage packaging, in particular, emerged as the best solution because –

  • Dunnage kit packs can be used to store all parts of specific products or equipment. For example, if you’re shipping bike parts, typically, you’ll need to buy a lot of containers to store sensitive items. However, dunnage kit bags have special storage zones inside them. So, the number of containers that shipping professionals needed to stack, store, protect, and transport their goods and materials could be eliminated significantly. 
  • Custom dunnage bags are great for businesses that constantly need to store, protect, or transport their physical goods. Typically, providers of dunnage bags have long-standing relationships with such businesses. Even during the pandemic, these relationships remained strong, and some would argue that they grew even stronger as business improved on all sides. A company will typically assess its stock, transport requirements, expected orders, etc. Based on these assessments, the company can then enter long-standing relationships with reliable dunnage packaging providers. 
  • Multi-material dunnage bags are made of different types of shipping and packaging materials. For example, if you’re shipping glassware and books, your multi-material dunnage bags should be made of cardboard and Styrofoam.

Why More And More Businesses Are Using Dunnage Bags 

Here are the key reasons why dunnage bags have become so popular over the last year –

  • Dunnage bags can prevent any damage to goods even if they’re quickly loaded, strapped, transported, and unloaded in intense supply chain environments.
  • Products never more around in transit, be it the rail, road, or sea. These bags absorb vibration and eliminate all impact shocks. 
  • They are reusable, recyclable, and environmentally friendly.
  • Dunnage is great at preventing contamination and moisture damage. It insulates the cargo inside from external impacts.

These are the reasons why dunnage bags were part of almost all major shipping projects of 2020. For many businesses, dunnage is a packaging essential!