What Are The Best Kitchen Benchtop Materials? Know Your Options

Caesarstone benchtop prices
Caesarstone benchtop prices

Refurbishing the kitchen? One of the main choices that you need to make is the kind of benchtops that you should be using. Not only does it have a major effect on the overall appearance, but it’s also actually the kitchen’s toughest working floor, so longevity is a huge factor. Here’s a list of the right kitchen benchtop products and a summary of Caesarstone kitchen benchtops’ strengths and drawbacks.

Engineered Stone Benchtops: 

For kitchen renovators, this is the most common option of benchtop design. This appears with a broad variety of shades, from light whites to deep greys, produced from renewable aggregates combined with resins. For add value, you may either pick a solid colour or get different-coloured stone flecks across it. 

You may get the chunky look with a skirting fixed to the bottom but for a smoother, slimmer line the new thing is a 20mm thick lip. Check white marble splashback for more of such options.

Laminate Benchtop:

When your kitchen reno is on a tight budget then the laminate is your option, but that does not mean that you need to compromise on looks. Laminate provides the largest variety of shades and patterns to imitate costlier products such as wood, stone and even concrete. That implies that without the extravagant price tag you can get the look that you are looking.

 Laminate is immune to staining and easy to keep clean but is more vulnerable to rubbing and scorching so use a cutting board at all times and be vigilant of hot pots and pans, says white marble splashback expert.

Timber Benchtops: 

Although you may think timber is a little old-fashioned, it always makes a comeback. By utilizing cooler fabrics such as glass and stainless steel elsewhere in the house, you will add a bit of comfort and character to the house with timber. The broad variety of species accessible ensures you can go bright with ash yellow colours or contrast wood-coloured doors with darker walnut tones. 

Check white marble splashback

Solid Surface Benchtops: 

Solid surface benchtops incorporate an acrylic resin with an alumina filler. Upon construction, the joints between each piece of benchtop become transparent and it looks like a large stone slab. You should even get the sink moulded into the Caesarstone kitchen benchtops, so the debris will accumulate nowhere, making it easy to keep it tidy. It is also UV-resistant and is, therefore, the ideal option for an outdoor kitchen that is so common these days. 

Marble Benchtops: 

Marble is a stunning, natural stone widely used as a white marble splashback and benchtop material in kitchens. This is a timeless and luxurious choice but it comes with a charge for eye-watering and extensive upkeep. Marble is incredibly brittle, sucking up liquids like a sponge, which ruins the appearance of the property. 

Granite Benchtops: 

Granite offers your kitchen benchtop an excellent and sturdy finish. Nevertheless, you would need a large budget it is deemed the second most costly commodity after white marble splashback. There’s an incredible range of designs and shades to pick from on the positive side so it will handle everything you fire at it. Using warm water and soap to scrub granite and help preserve the shine.