What Is A Conversion Funnel? Optimise Your Customer Journey

When a business organisation wants to increase its sales, it has to focus on various aspects. One of these aspects is a conversion funnel. If you haven’t heard about it before, you must be curious to understand what it means. To maximise sales and drive customer engagement, conversion channels will play an important role. You have to analyse each step of the funnel carefully. If you do so, your company can identify more opportunities and convert more leads into life-long customers. 

Conversion funnels are also referred to as sales funnels. This will act as a guide for the clients to progress through different steps before making the final purchase or transaction. With the help of a web design company in your area, you can make this funnel extremely simple and to the point for your clients. 

Models & Analysis 

There are mainly two models that you can use for conversion funnels. The final model that you choose is going to depend upon the type of business that you’re working on. Apart from the business that you’re running, the model will also be dependent upon the type of customers that you would like to target. The two conversion funnel models are AIDA and TOFU. If you’re a marketer, you should consider using the AIDA model. But in case you’re a salesperson, the top, middle and bottom model, also referred to as TOFU, can be used to determine results. 

Steps In Conversion Funnels 

There are majorly four steps involved in conversion funnels. They are as below: 

  • The first step is to pull visitors in. Therefore, you will have to work on awareness before anything else. Now, how do you get someone’s attention? You can work on SEO, paid ads, or social media posts to make people aware of your business. When you have an expert web design company by your side like Zeal Digital, you can make a thorough plan regarding it. 
  • If people are interested in your services after making them aware of it, you then need to convert those leads into sales. This can be tricky as you don’t have much time to do the job, nor can you be clumsy in this process. You have to look at your business model and attract customers accordingly. 
  • You want to convince your customers to buy your products. Other companies are offering the same products as well. How you make your products more attractive to the clients is an important aspect to think about there. You might offer free trials, discounts, or special promotions. It is about choosing a method that seems the most convincing to your customers. 
  • Lastly, you have to close the sale. In this step, you have to do the obvious. You have already convinced the clients to buy the products. You will reach this step only if the customers are ready to buy the product. So you have to collect payment before shipping out the item securely and speedily.

As you can see, the conversion funnel is a very important thing to work on to boost your sales. By hiring a reputed web design firm in Sydney, you will be able to attract customers to buy more products from your firm!