What Is Remarketing: 8 Types Of Remarketing To Consider

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Remarketing is a very important tool to promote your business in this day and age. It is a paid marketing tactic that allows you to deliver advertisements to people who have previously visited your website. If they visited your website, they probably found something interesting. 

With the right type of remarketing, you can attract their attention completely. There are eight types of remarketing that you need to consider. We shall discuss them here below: 

Pricing Page Visitors 

Most of the customers are driven by the price tags of the item. You might be providing a solid product but they tend to compare its price with your competitors, to stay in the safe zone. For such people, you need to pitch products that are good and also pocket-friendly. You need to work closely with a professional SEM agency in Sydney and focus on pricing page visitors through remarketing. 

Cross-Channel Remarketing 

You can choose different channels or platforms and it will work great as an effective type of remarketing. There is a high chance that some of your customers visited you through different channels and platforms. 

You need to make the most out of such platforms to promote your content further. A highly-reputed SEM agency in Sydney like Zeal Digital can help you make the maximum from these platforms. 

Previous Purchasers 

Another type of remarketing is to focus on previous purchasers. They might have picked a couple of products from your website and it is important to make them your permanent customers. You need to pitch different offers and discounts to motivate them to come back again and again to your platform, and also to promote your site to their family and friends. 

Video Viewers 

Video content is one of the best and easiest ways to promote your business in this day and age. With this type of remarketing, you can promote your business using short, nifty videos. You need to go through different platforms like YouTube and check how frequently people check out the video content put up by your business. You need to create different strategies for different customers to gain more video viewers. 

Industry-Specific Page Visitors 

If you have web pages dedicated to different industries, you can create separate remarketing audiences for each of those pages. This is one of the most complex types of remarketing and help from the best SEM agency in Sydney becomes essential here. 

Cart Abandoners

So many people add products to their shopping carts but refuse to check out for some reason. You have to promote your content to these customers. This is an essential type of remarketing to trigger sales. 

Higher Funnel Converters 

With the help of an experienced SEM agency in Sydney, you should invite as many people as possible to sign up for your webinar. If people download a lower funnel asset, you need to come up with a different campaign to reach out to them. 

Page Engagers 

Another type of remarketing that you need to focus on is for people who engage with your Facebook or Instagram pages. You can create a list of audiences based on their behaviours on such pages and create a different marketing strategy for each type of audience. 

As long as you have an experienced and dedicated SEM agency in Sydney like Zeal Digital by your side, you can focus on these types of remarketing strategies and promote your business activities a great deal more!