What Is The Difference Between A Chiropractor And A Podiatrist?

podiatrist in Riverwood will treat conditions

Chiropractors and podiatrists are both healthcare practitioners specialized in their respective genres. A podiatrist in Riverwood will treat conditions that occur in your feet and ankles. On the other hand, a chiropractor in Mortdale will exclusively deal with problems related to the neuromusculoskeletal system. 

The field of work might sound the same, but there exist a whole lot of dissimilarities between the two roles. Read on to know more about the full range of similarities and differences between chiropractors and podiatrists.

Role of a podiatrist

During an unexpected foot and ankle pain, the majority of the family doctors ask their patients to consult a podiatrist in Riverwood. Podiatrists generally spend their careers studying the anatomy and health conditions related to the legs, ankles, and feet.

A DPM or Doctor of Podiatric Medicine degree is offered to them, and they are required to finish a residency program of 3-years and become a licensed practitioner. 

Most of the podiatrists work on a full-time schedule. They sometimes work in hospitals, in the offices of health practitioners or physicians’ offices. Some are self-employed too. They are seen to attend podiatry conferences, study recent medical journals to keep them up-to-date and perform various researches. 

Job duties

The job duties of a podiatrist are- 

  • Conduct x-rays and different physical exams on the feet of a patient to help in diagnosing the critical cause of foot pain
  • Teach the patients various stretches and exercises to heal ankle and foot conditions
  • Perform necessary surgeries to remove or fix deformities in cases of severe ankle or foot ailments
  • Treat common foot problems through proper treatment methods
chiropractor in Mortdale will work to bring the entire body
Physical Doctor consulting with patient Knee problems Physical therapy concept

Role of a chiropractor

You need to consult a chiropractor when you are suffering from sore hips, knees, neck, and back. A chiropractor in Mortdale will work to bring the entire body in perfect alignment. They primarily focus on neuromusculoskeletal therapy as it is considered as the source of several imbalances of the body.

To start practising as a chiropractor, one must possess a DC or Doctor of Chiropractic degree which demands four years of studying. Once they earn the degree, they either work in shared offices or become self-employed.

Job duties

The job duties of a chiropractor include-

  • taking x-rays and examining the patient’s neck, joints and back to diagnose various health conditions
  • adjusting the bones and the spine to keep the patient’s body in proper alignment to promote general wellness
  • teaching exercises and stretches to the patients to make the treatment effective
  • using cold or heat application and other necessary therapies to promote faster healing and correct alignment 

The role and job duties of a chiropractor in Mortdale and a podiatrist in Riverwood are clear to you after the above discussion. You now need to note that both the individuals deal with people of all ages.

However, they play a significant role in treating the aged people to keep them stable, independent and mobile. At present, there is no fundamental difference between the two.