Why Choose Stainless Steel Security Screen Doors?

Stainless steel security doors

Securing your home entails implementing specific safety precautions for increased security and peace of mind. However, with so many home security options accessible, it’s understandable if you’re unsure of which items to pick to get the best results. Knowing what to look for in stainless steel security doors is crucial if you want to buy high-quality items that will last you for a long time.

Ability To Fit Specifically

When it comes to selecting stainless steel security doors, there should in no way be a “one size fits all” philosophy. Although most stainless steel security screens may fit a typical door size, you shouldn’t rely on them. To prevent gaps or unsecure areas, a custom option must be available to guarantee that the stainless steel security screen fits your door precisely. Although the security screen might keep animals out, its primary function is to keep you safe inside your home.

Excellent Mesh Quality

The frame must be constructed from either steel or aluminium, although as aluminium is less likely to corrode, that material is preferred. Stainless steel mesh is required so that you may maintain your security while still enjoying the outside view. You’re primarily only shielding yourself from insects if the mesh isn’t tightly fastened to the door frame. To provide more safety and security, the security screen must be riveted to the frame.

Follow Australian Standards

Your stainless steel security door must comply with the Australian Standard and have passed several tests to safely protect you in an emergency. Otherwise, it will only serve as a fly-screen door. You must get through your stainless steel security door:

  • Test of dynamic impact
  • Test with salt spray
  • A probe test
  • Pulling test
  • Test against Jimmy
  • Test with a knife

Because of this, a qualified specialist familiar with installing stainless steel security doors for optimal protection is required for your stainless steel security doors to meet these standards.

Price Calculation 

Although stainless steel security doors are more advantageous than aluminium security doors, they are also more expensive. Yes, it might cost more, and it might even be the priciest security door available. Still, you’ll enjoy all the advantages of being protected from attackers and bugs without sacrificing your total freedom and vision. It’s crucial to keep in mind that safety doors differ from security doors, so you must get the appropriate mesh doors to meet your specific requirements. Ultimately, it is impossible to put a value on safety.

Final View 

Even if it’s crucial to include additional safety precautions to safeguard your family, it’s better to focus on the front door of your house first. Stainless steel security doors are the top choice of home security equipment to keep intruders and pests out without obstructing your view or sense of freedom.

Teams of different companies have specialists who are always available to point you in the proper direction, whether you’re ready to increase your home security or are just interested in assessing your options.