Why Pet Owners Should Consider Installing Frameless Glass Fences

Summary: Does your dog constantly climb your wooden or chain-link fences? Here’s how a frameless glass fence can resolve these issues. 

Every pet owner wants a fenced-in yard so that their pets can roam around the property without requiring constant supervision. Adding fencing structures also comes with countless other benefits. However, not all fences are ‘pet-friendly.’ With conventional wooden or steel fences, there are various security risks.

What if a smart pet climbs up these fences and escapes? With a frameless glass fence, such risks don’t exist. That’s why homeowners need to address the potential risks their existing fences pose to their pets and consider getting glass fences.

The Risks Your Pets Face with Conventional Fencing Structures 

Footholds are Extremely Dangerous

  • Chain link fences or fencing structures made of wooden slats have plenty of spaces that serve as footholds for pets. Unlike a frameless glass fence where there’s no room for climbing, conventional fences are very easy to scale, especially for smart and mature dogs. 
  • On glass fences, there are zero footholds. A 12mm glass panel is impossible to shatter, so don’t expect your pets to discover cracks or holes in your glass fence. Pets are usually great at distinguishing between achievable objectives and non-achievable objectives. As soon as they realize that the frameless glass fence is impossible to climb, they’ll spend their energy on other worthwhile pursuits! 

Dogs View Fences as Challenges

  • Even if your wooden or chain link fence is extremely tall, your dog will make it his or her personal goal to climb it one day. If a homeowner places a box or a trash can next to the fence for just a few hours, the dog will try to climb over the fence.
  • Since a frameless glass fence doesn’t offer any scope for climbing, they’re viewed as ideal fencing structures for homeowners who leave their pets alone in the house for long periods. Glass fences don’t attract pets or pests! Pets quickly realize that these ‘invisible’ layers are impossible to scale or climb. So, they stay away from the fences at all times. 

Pets Can Dig Underneath Fences

  • If your fencing structure has ample space underneath its panels, expect your dog to dig through it. Dogs are notorious for spotting and exploiting widely-spaced pickets underneath fencing structures. Such risks are higher in properties with sloped yards.
  • A contoured frameless glass fence solves this problem. Sure, installing such deep glass panels into your property will take a lot of landscaping or hardscaping. But, glass fences are extremely durable and maintenance-friendly structures. After the initial installation, homeowners won’t have to spend a dime or a second on these structures. 

Dogs Love Missing Boards on Fences

  • If your fence is damaged, your pet will work ten times harder to damage it even more. That’s because fences prohibit the movement of pets. So, pets are naturally inclined towards viewing these structures as obstructions or ‘enemies.’
  • When boards or panels on wooden or steel fences go missing, pets (dogs in particular) do their best to either climb over those missing panels or widen the gaps on the fence. With a frameless glass fence, such risks are non-existent. These fences feature panels that are made of solid and tempered glass. They’re virtually shatter-proof! 

Glass fencing, especially frameless glass fencing, is far more pet-friendlier than other fencing options!