Why Should You Invest In DTF Printers

Dtf printer

DTF printers use DTF ink to print on PET film first. The printed pattern will be put on the garment using hot-melt powder and pressing it with heat. The unique and innovative way that DTF printers print makes them stand out and appealing, which is why more and more people who use sublimation and DTG printers are switching to this new printing technology.

DTF printers are better than sublimation and DTG printers because they do not have the same problems. These two printers have in common that the substrate can not have too many parts. While DTF printers can print on almost all types of fabric and leather, which sublimation and DTG printers cannot do, they can also print on long-lasting, high-quality prints.

Using a DTF printer has its advantages.

  • It Does Not Require Pretreatment

To get better products, you need to buy high-tech printers, hot presses, and suitable inks to ensure smooth printing. PET film is needed for DTF printing, but that does not mean you can pick any PET film you want. It might not work with your machine. PET film has excellent mechanical properties. It is the strongest and most resistant of all thermoplastics, and its tensile strength and impact force is much higher than regular film. 

This makes it suitable for secondary processing, like printing and making paper bags. The DTF printing has to be done on a particular transfer film with a hot-melting powder on the back. The film is then pressed into the clothing, and the film is peeled off when it is cold. DTF printing is usually faster and needs fewer people than DTG printing.

Reliable DTF printers also combine dependability, high productivity, and quality that cannot be beaten. They can handle a lot of production, which is essential in an overgrowing industry.

  • Sustainable

DTF printing is also more environmentally friendly than traditional printing in a big way. There is no doubt that sustainability is becoming a more significant part of the fashion industry.

  • It Is Simple To Use

 (DTG) printing is easier to get started with. The process frees up creators and crafters by making a few simple changes to their existing printers. A simple four-step process makes T-shirts softer than regular vinyl and can be washed better. Welcome to the revolution of t-shirts that say something.

DTF printers let you print on different things, like T-shirts made of different materials, souvenirs, and so on, for relatively low prices. This makes them more accessible for beginners because there are fewer steps to finish printing, and they are accessible. DTF printers also let you print exactly what you see on the screen.

However, if you have strict rules about how the printed pattern should feel, DTG printers might be better for you. The feel of these two printing methods is better, but they take more time to use. In addition, if you want to print a unique pattern with a DTG printer, you need to know a lot about mixing colours.

Before deciding to buy, you should also think about some critical technical parameters, such as the printhead’s maximum printing resolution, the print’s width, the print’s speed, etc.