Summary – Several homeowners opt for plantation shutters in Strathfield over traditional blinds. Here’s why. 

In regions that experience a lot of sunlight throughout the year, light control is a key requirement for homeowners. That’s why plantation shutters in Strathfield are so popular. These shutters offer far better light control than traditional blinds or curtains. They give homeowners total control over the amount of sunlight that enters their rooms. 

Plus, plantation shutter blinds also enable homeowners to regulate the distribution of light inside their rooms in a much better way than normal curtains and blinds. Hence, homeowners don’t have to use artificial light sources all the time. Here are some other reasons why these heat-retaining shutters are so popular among local homeowners – 

Curb Appeal Increases Property Value 

Sleek and modernised plantation shutter blinds are known to increase the perceived value of homes. That’s because these shutters make homes look better both from the inside and the outside. That’s why when it’s time to sell the property, homeowners are able to attract more takers.

Total Control Over Privacy

You can either completely open or close your regular blinds – there’s no in-between. On the other hand, shutter blinds offer the best of both worlds. Users can tilt and adjust the slats on these shutters to increase privacy without reducing the amount of light coming in. Plus, these shutters offer soundproofing features.

Be it to get a restful night’s sleep or to prevent your neighbours from complaining – with fully closed shutter slats; you can create natural sound barriers between your home and the outside world. Unlike loose blinds, sturdy shutters always remain securely fixed and don’t rattle or bang because of winds. 

Easier to Clean

Although blinds are easy to clean (especially the ones that are washing machine-friendly), some homeowners don’t like the hassle of taking down these items to wash them every few days. On the contrary, plantation shutters in Strathfield are known for being easy to clean. Dust and germs are a lot easier to eliminate from shutters than it is from blinds. 

Users simply need to wipe down these shutters with a damp cloth (drench the cloth in a mixture of water and non-chemical cleaning agents) once a week to keep them looking new and fresh. Plus, there’s no downtime. The shutters don’t have to be uninstalled and reinstalled. 

Better Light Management

Unlike most window dressing options, shutters give complete light control to homeowners. Homeowners can open these panels completely to allow all the light to enter their rooms. Or, they can carefully angle the louvres on these shutters to diffuse sunshine as and when required. 

Plus, the best plantation shutters in Strathfield come with protective anti-UV coatings, so they don’t get damaged due to sunlight exposure. These shutters can effortlessly protect indoor furniture items from sunlight damage (fading, cracking, etc.).

Better Insulation

Since plantation shutters are designed to meet the exact specifications of the homeowner’s window (they cover the entire window frame), they’re amazing at providing insulation. Homeowners can expect to cut down their energy bills significantly after installing these insulation-friendly shutters.