Why Timber Floor Installers in Sydney Love Working with Engineered Oak

timber floor installers in Sydney
timber floor installers in Sydney

Here are the main reasons leading timber floor installers in Sydney love working with engineered Oak.

Timber is an extremely popular material in the flooring industry. Timber flooring suppliers are always in high demand as other materials don’t match the classic and timeless appeal that timber floors provide. 

Plus, the leading timber floor installers in Sydney have many timber species and types to choose from. In terms of timber species, these installers can choose from over fifty different options. 

Oak is much preferred by timber floor installers in Sydney. That’s because timber flooring is available in two types – solid or engineered. The main difference between solid and engineered floors is the way these two planks of flooring are constructed.

Since Oak is available in both solid and engineered versions, most timber flooring suppliers specialise in this species. Both solid Oak and engineered Oak look identical after they are installed.

Here are the main reasons why timber floor installers in Sydney love working with engineered Oak – 

What is Engineered Oak Flooring? 

As the name suggests, engineered Oak flooring is designed to withstand variations in humidity and temperature. Engineered Oak flooring plans are constructed by bonding several layers of plywood together. On top of these layers are layers of Oak. 

Unlike solid wood flooring planks, these multi-layer Oak engineered flooring plans don’t expand or contract too much. Thus, the flooring is dimensionally stable, even when it’s used in areas with underfloor cooling or heating (e.g., kitchens or conservatories).

Top timber floor installers in Sydney love working with engineered Oak because – 

  • Customisation Options: Engineered oak boards are more customisable than solid oak boards because they’re available in different thicknesses, colour tones, and designs. They’re easier to install in a wide variety of interior spaces.
  • Performance: Top timber flooring suppliers can guarantee that their engineered boards will perform well for long periods. That’s because engineered timber planks have multiple layers. Each layer adds more strength and durability to the floors. Engineered Oak flooring doesn’t warp, buckle, or suffer from moisture damage, making it ideal for residential and commercial spaces that experience a lot of foot traffic. 
  • Cost: The best timber flooring suppliers are also able to help their clients save money by offering them engineered Oak flooring. This flooring option costs 20-30% less than solid Oak flooring. Homeowners will receive engineered floors that are indistinguishable from solid oak floors in terms of appearance, texture, and durability. 
  • Time-Efficiency: Since engineered oak boards are not made completely from real timber, it’s easier for timber floor installers in Sydney to experiment with them. Installers can make on-site modifications without worrying about costs or turnaround times. Interior designers can install stunning oak floors without breaking their clients’ budgets or taking up too much of their time. 
  • Lower Installation Costs: Engineered Oak floorboards are available in click fitting systems or tongue and groove systems. They don’t need to be fixed into positions manually. Installers simply lay these pre-arranged floorboards over thermal underlays by clicking the planks into place. Hence, installers don’t have to work too hard, so keeping installation costs down is very easy. 

Want to transform your rooms without extensive investments? Ask your timber flooring suppliers to provide you with engineered Oak flooring!